Getting Hit Running Was Instant Game Over.

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User Info: Larcen Tyler

Larcen Tyler
5 years ago#11
Yep, I remember that well. I played it on an Apple 2 and couldn't figure out how to stop running and then POW! It wasn't until I read an article in an old issue of Game Informer that I learned you have to bow to the princess. I so should check this out.
Larcen Tyler
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User Info: ThugETH

5 years ago#12
The music ruled on this game to when you hit a palace or moved forward a screen!
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User Info: thecatsix

5 years ago#13
silverstreakusa posted...
I remember playing this on the old commodore 54 back in the day. and getting impaled by the gate near the end was always what got me. was always amazed at the blood it showed

I have a whole chapter of my book Porch It about this game. That evil gate was certainly a hilight. I remember fighting all the way to the gate to purposely die just to see that blood.
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