Possibly the Biggest Ripoff on Arcade (Not inc. DLC)

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User Info: SpookyX

5 years ago#1
The one and only game mode in this is under 30 minutes to finish. Yes, you have 3 characters to choose from but those are really just extra lives more than characters. There is no way this title should have cost 800 MS pts. There is nothing else to the game. Don't get me wrong I loved the art and the simplicity but had I researched it a little more than just playing the demo a bit and then buying I could have saved my money.

Shame on Microsoft and the Publisher for pricing it this high and I am usually the last one to complain about pricing. I did not even complain about the infamous Horse armor.

User Info: MrMikeMa

5 years ago#2
I can understand this point of view, but I will also add something I have said in another forum.

I bought the original Karateka back in 1984 for the Apple IIe computer. You can beat that game in under 1 hour as well. I paid either 20, 30, maybe 40 bucks for it BACK IN 1984.

I felt ripped off at first as well, and tried to return game later in the same day. I made the mistake of being honest and telling them I beat it and wanted to just return it for something else. They would not refund the money or let me exchange it.

So, I kept the game, and probably played it a couple hundred times over the liftime of that computer. Now sure, back in those days we had far less games to choose from. In today's day in age, yeah, way too many games to buy, much more competitive pricing.

However, I think they kept this short and sweet to keep up with the spirit of the original game. I think they made this a short game to get you to master it and beat it without taking a hit, kinda like the only real 'goal' to shoot for in the original game since there was no other replay value. Maybe a longer arcade mode, or a survival mode might have helped, but then might have turned off fans of the original. I dunno.

In any event, I see your point......but I dont mind shelling out 10 bucks for a remake of a classic.
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User Info: ThugETH

5 years ago#3
I wish the original was in this then I'd buy it right away. I have 1010 points atm was waiting for Dust but Karateka is like THE game of my child hood.
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User Info: Celiria_Rose

5 years ago#4
A nice enjoyable game with 4 different endings a decent challenge and 3 characters that easily has a 2-3 hours of playability. Seems well worth 10 bucks to me. Thats around 3-5 dollars an hour which is better than a lot of full price games I have seen.
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  3. Possibly the Biggest Ripoff on Arcade (Not inc. DLC)

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