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User Info: scarecrows

5 years ago#1
Don't bother buying it. Felt like I was playing the exact same game. Having spies and picking a religion isn't that big of an upgrade.
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User Info: No_Mega

5 years ago#2
I disagree. Espionage is kinda ho-hum, but religion opens up plenty of new strategies, on top of all the new civs, units, and welcome balance changes.

It won't change your opinion of the game, but if you liked it before, there's enough here to keep it fresh.

User Info: The_Madd_Hatter

5 years ago#3
Religion opens up an entirely new way to play so I think it's pretty good

also espionage is a little weak, they need to open up the options with what the spies can do
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User Info: DarthSchubert

5 years ago#4
I think the balance changes are the best part of this xpac. New civs are a bonus. Religion is kind of neat. Spies are just a toss in.
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User Info: shastacollege22

5 years ago#5
I like it, I wish they would have made religion a little more important though, and give options to request other civs stop from spreading to your cities. I also want better diplomacy but that's an ongoing battle.
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User Info: xthunderherox

5 years ago#6
OP go play Neopet plz because obviously you don't use your brains to play strategy games like Civ5.

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