Conquered Continent, Now What?

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User Info: Shane

5 years ago#1
I've conquered every civilization on the continent via war as the Russians, but now I have nothing to do. The game hasn't ended and it won't allow my ships to go off-shore to look for a new continent to conquer. Am I supposed to just keep taking turn after turn with no one to fight? Does the game end at a designated year? Seems ridiculous.

User Info: Nihzlet

5 years ago#2
You haven't conquered everyone if the game hasn't ended. Research up to Astronomy, that'll let your ships cross the oceans and look for more people to conquer.

User Info: andodel

5 years ago#3
What type of map are you on? Did you pick a map with multiple continents? If so, then you are far from done. Dark blue ocean titles cannot be passed until a specific research is unlocked (probably what the guy above me said). If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, just keep playing. Eventually you'll be able to traverse the rest of the map.
As for game over, you will be told when you or someone else has one the game, and you will be able to keep playing even after someone wins. There is in fact a turn limit that is dependent on how long you set the game for. Once you hit the "last" turn, person with the highest score wins. Or you can win prior to this turn via science, cultural, diplomatic, or conquest victories.
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