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User Info: Sraeoz

5 years ago#1
I have the following:

Underdark Dvergr - lvl26

Crimson lion guardian (+) - lvl1

Metal shell seeker - lvl1
Also for trade i have:

Fafnir+ - lvl70 (skill level 6)

Catoblepass+ - lvl36 (skill level 3)
Looking for:

Lewd twisted lologi (regular or (+)

Whale (+)

TVG (+)

I am willing to trade all 5 above for any one of those three, as long as it is +
I also have many other A, A+ and good B+ monsters for trade, just ask :)

User Info: d3smith

5 years ago#2
I have Whale+ max skill 2. How many EP will you offer?

I'm Rancor 'Dan' in-game, overall rank around 350.

User Info: Sraeoz

5 years ago#3
I only have 1 EP and 2 elixirs atm, but have some good rancor monsters :/


Beserker mite


Dream breaker priest


Sky dragon

I also have 6 dec enemy att skills
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