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My Huge Trade List

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User Info: psssom

4 years ago#1
Sup, this is my current monsters I have for trade, just post what you're WILLING to trade for what I got, also I'm NOT looking for items like EP, BP , etc just other monsters is all
My game ID is 1208973778 or you can just PM me here

Scron Black Wings+ Decrease Enemy Att 1
6x Scron Black Wings Decrease Enemy Att 1
Cruel Black Wings+ Decrease Enemy Def 1
7xCruel Black Wings Decrease Enemy Def 1
Armored Roc+ lvl 3 Increase Party Def 1
3xTiamut Decrease Enemy Def 1
Elf Commander+ Decrease Enemy Att 1
3xElf Commander Decrease Enemy Att 1
Labyrinth Minotaur
Berserker Mite Psycho Down 1
2xHell Hammer SpideDecrease Enemy Att 1
Dream breaker priest
7xBlood Blob Slumbering Breath 1
4xNaga Slumbering Breath 1
2xBeelzebub Venomous Breath 1
2xGigas Increase Party Att 1
Fafnir+ Critical Rate Up 1
4x Fafnir Critical Rate Up 1
Child of Pit+ lvl 11 Agility Up 1
3xChild of Pit Agility Up 1
Scrap Meat Zombie Increase Party Att 1
2xChild of Purification Slumbering Breath 1
Hell Ice Dragon Decrease Enemy Att 1
Unruly Cell
Jade Rhinoceros Beetle+ Increase Party Def 1
Spear Knight Gillman+ Increase Party Def 1
Firebrand Demon Increase Party Att 1
Deep Dark Demon Increase Dodge Rate 1
Witch of Snakes Slumbering Breath 1
White Winged Oracle Increase Party Def 1
Devil of Endless Night
3xHell Scythe Mantis Decrease Enemy Def 1
2xMetal Shell Seeker
Scaled Chimera
2xWhite Winged Elite Agility Up 1
Elite Dragonborn Increase Party Def 1
Refind Horned Fighter Health Up 1
Jade Rhinoceros BeetleIncrease Party Def 1
Blade Giant
Uncouth Child+ Critical Rate Up 1
Uncouth Child Critial Rate Up 1
Seeker Quadriga Agility Up 1
Slaughter Bee Queen+ Lvl 23 Preemptive Strike 3
Centaurus+ Decrease Enemy Def 1
Pabilsag+ Lvl 5 Decrease Enemy Att 4
2xTyphoon the Sea Roarer Impulse Down 1
Flesh Triffid Increase Party Att 1
Sky Dragon+ Increase Party Att 1
Shock Tarasque Increase Party Def 1
Lindwurm Agility Up 1
Nidhogg Agility Up 1
Dark Elf Berserker Preemptive Strike 1
Skeleton Minotaur Health Up 1
Devil of the Abyss Increase Party Att 1

2xCaim+ Agility Up 1
2xCharon+ Impulse Down 1
Vritra+ Psycho Down 1
Vanessa of the Night+ Decrease Enemy Def 1
4xWhite Winged Archer+ Agility Up 1
9xPoison Spit Frog+ Venomous Breath 1
Arachne+ Slumbering Breath 1
2xMenace Frog+ Decrease Enemy Def 1
Moonlight Bird Increase Party Att 1
Moonlight Bird+ Increase Party Att 1
Kelpie Slumbering Breath 1
Kelpie+ Slumbering Breath 1
2x Enchanting Mantis Decrease Enemy Att 1
Skeleton Dragon Critial Rate Up 1
2xArachne Slumbering Breath 1
6xPoison Spit Frog Venomous Breath 1
4xCaim Agility Up 1
3xBerith Decrease Enemy Att 1
2xBunyip Critial Rate Up 1
Creep Triffid Critial Rate Up 1
Horned Demon Increase Party Att 1
2xVritra Psycho Down 1
Undead Ammit+ Slumbering Breath 1
3xWhite Winged Archer Agility Up 1
2xBehemoth Preemptive Strike 1
Alluring Black Wings Decrease Enemy Def 1
Vucub Caquix Covert Down 1
Vanessa of the Night Decrease Enemy Def 1
Sand Giant Increase Party Def 1
2xTidal Tephon+ Increase Party Def 1
Kali+ Covert Down 1
Ice Giant+ Increase Party Def 1
Ice Giant Increase Party Def 1
Hail Tarasque Increase Party Def 1
Stone Tarasque Increase Party Def 1

User Info: drunkndrag0n

4 years ago#2

Check those out for your devil of abyss

User Info: jasonxvx777

4 years ago#3
I'd like inc attack dec attack/def increase agility, increase def. What monsters are you looking for? Id is 2215449282

User Info: Tagali

4 years ago#4
i need ur
devil of abyss
devil of endless nights

this is what i got

A-Charon of Hatred x2 ( purple)
A-Lewd Twist Lologi (purple)
A-White Wing Elite (Purple)
A- Slaughter bee queen (purple)
A- Catoblepas (purple)
A- Scaled Chimera (purple)
A-CHild of Purification (purple)
A-Elf Commander (purple)
A-Fafnir 2x (purple)
A+ - Fafnir (purple)

A-Forsaken Birth Fiend (red)
A-Magic Light Dragon (red)
A-Hellfire Talos 2x (red)
A-Scorn Black Wings (red)
A-Dark ELf berserker (red)
A-Child of Pit (red)

A-Sprout Dragon (green)
A-Sky Dragon (green)
A-Demon Bait Insect ( green)
A-Dust Colossus (green)
A-Elite Dragonborn (green)
A-Lindwurm (green)
A-Uncouth Child (green)
A-Centaurus (green)
A- parasitic Centipede (green)
A- Hell scythe Mantis 2x (green)
A- Simlan Lord Hanuman (green)
A- Naga (green)
A-Hell Hammer Spider (green)
A-SKy Dragon (green)
A-great horned warrior (green)


+A Jiangshi Fighter Level 58 ( red undead Crit rate Level 2)
ATK- 4834
HP- 6522
DEF- 5403

A Nidhogg Level 52 ( red Wyrm Agli Level 4)
ATK- 4340
HP- 3916
DEF- 3933

+A Shock Tarasque Level 26 ( Purple Wyrm Increase party Def Level 4)
ATK- 2807
HP- 2575
DEF- 3917

A Charon Of Hatred Level 10 ( Purple mystic Covert down Level 1)
ATK 1985
HP- 2584
DEF- 2978

+A Uncouth Child Level 12 ( green demon Crit rate Level 2)
ATK- 2292
HP- 2358
DEF- 1541

A Ring Dragon Level 18 ( red wyrm )

+A Child of Pit Level 70 ( red Demon Agli Level 1)

User Info: Wardo3640

4 years ago#5
I am interested in the:
Shock tarasque

I have:
2x Uncouth Child
White Winged Elite
Creep Lord
Hell Hammer Spider
Lord of Massacre
Dream Breaker Priest
2x Slaughter Bee Queen
Blade Giant
Jiangshi Fighter

On hold in auctions:
Flame Tarasque
Child of Pit
Lord of Rage
Blood Blob
Furnace Dragon
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User Info: Magg0tM3at

4 years ago#6
souls of enlightenment or wisdom
A verat vecub...a red demon with covert down bp21
sear djinn

i'm also interested in ddd, devil of endless knight

User Info: SamurayC

4 years ago#7
Hell Ice Dragon...what do you want for it?
My trade list is here:

User Info: silvisweetheart

4 years ago#8
I would love to get my hands on your:

Devil of the Abyss
Deep Dark Demon
Devil of Endless Nights

Check out my neatly organized list here and tell me what you want.

User Info: Slogdawg

4 years ago#9
I really wamt your Hell Ice Dragon. But, New to this trade thing. How do we hook up to make a trade? Have many A level. Sure there's something you would want. My game ID is 2565038719

User Info: sixgunsout

4 years ago#10
Will trade nicely for your devil of endless night
Id is 2224330484
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