What was in your mind when ghetsis(Spoilers)

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  3. What was in your mind when ghetsis(Spoilers)

User Info: djmetal777

5 years ago#1
Tried to kill the MC in this game?
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User Info: Tyranidomega

5 years ago#2
Ghetsis immediatly became the best Poke villain IMO. Also, has there been any rumor floating around lately that he would actually show up in the movie that's going to feature Genesect?
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User Info: scrappybristol

5 years ago#3
Mr. Freeze one liners from Batman and Robin.

"Cool party!"
"Let's kick some ice!"
"Stay cool, bird boy."

Just to name a few.
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User Info: Misha-Lovelies

5 years ago#4
Watch it get censored in the NA release, as he will freeze you so you won't stop him.
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User Info: 1qaqa1

5 years ago#5
About time
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User Info: banjo kazooie

banjo kazooie
5 years ago#6
Misha-Lovelies posted...
Watch it get censored in the NA release, as he will freeze you so you won't stop him.

I doubt it. He'll most likely just use a creative term like "destroy", and not mention that he plans to "kill" you in a definite manner, despite the obviousness of it.
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User Info: Dawngarde

5 years ago#7
He could just say something like, "I just have to do one little thing to make sure that you won't interfere with my plans", and cue the attempted Glaciate.

As far as the scene goes, it's a mere few seconds. Nothing for anyone to worry about in terms of censorship. As far as dialogue goes, I'd rather he not say "destroy", it just sounds lame. If they have to avoid the word "die", "kill", or "murder", then something like what I wrote above could work.

Besides, in a cartoon like Adventure Time, those words are said all the time. The main character is a hero who slays monsters and baddies, and there's even an episode or two involving murder mysteries (granted, both cases were just the hero's best friend playing tricks on him, but the word murder has been used on that show a bit). I don't think anyone's had a problem with that, so they shouldn't have a problem with the mere mentioning of death in these games. The scene is extremely brief, anyway.
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User Info: Hejiru206

5 years ago#8
So what exactly did he say, then? He actually said he was going to *kill* you? Or just ordered Kyurem to attack?
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  3. What was in your mind when ghetsis(Spoilers)

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