You know what would be a very easy way for GF to improve the graphics?

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User Info: CWtennis

5 years ago#21
When we got our first in-game footage of Zorua vs Zoroark weren't there some buildings and what not in the background? It looked like GF was gonna take that approach and make the battlefield look a little more lively instead of just using a blurred background.
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User Info: Chosenoneknux

5 years ago#22
jimrichards posted...
Let me explain the difference between rasters and vectors, for those who are confused.

What we have now, pixel sprites, are rasters. That is, they are a representation of (I think) 92x92 tiny squares of colour, arranged into a picture of a Pokemon. If you take that 92x92 image and zoom in, it will still be 92x92 but the squares will be bigger. Hence the pixellated backsprites.

Vectors on the other hand are not even actually a picture; but rather an algorithm designed to tell the device to output an image according to the values in the algorithm. And, most importantly, it's all relative. For example, the algorithm might state to draw a circle 50% of the canvas wide and high, positioned 33% of the way across the canvas, and filled with the colour green. Hence, because of the percentage kind of relativity, the image will always appear clear no matter how large or small the canvas.

Does that clear everything up? If not, a previous poster suggested searching it on google, I would advise you do so. It will definitely clarify any doubts you may have.

Thanks for educating the masses with a fairly brief [but clear] explanation on the differences between raster and vectors!

This Graphic Designer is appeased. :)

Whilst I love my vectors [and Illustrator over Photoshop], I'm not sure jumping from sprites to vectors would warrant as much now [back in Gen III era, it may've done]. Not with Pokedex 3D on the 3DS heavily teasing the 3D realm for the next set of main games.
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User Info: ZEXAL_5Ds_GX

5 years ago#23
if only
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User Info: Blk_Mage_Ctype

5 years ago#24
Vector sprites would be awesome, but sadly, the mere fact that Nintendo chose the DS rather than the 3DS for this screams "Lazy cash-in!" to me, and I bet it'll just use B/W's engine with little to no tweaks/improvements to the visuals. That's not to say that the game will be bad or anything, just that I doubt it'll amount to anything more than a reskinned B/W with a new story.
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