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User Info: Soul59

5 years ago#11
There's an edit button under message detail now. Unusable after like an hour or so though. Just a tip.
He who fights and runs away, lives to not have the f****** moon fall on him as an alternative - Tacitus
(message deleted)

User Info: falconpunch1230

5 years ago#13
Sorry bout the qoute. I wasn't thinking. And I know there's an edit button, it just didn't show up for some reason.
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User Info: MetalLoki

5 years ago#14
It's my fault with all the trolls here I forget there are kids here too.
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User Info: GalladetheGreat

5 years ago#15
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User Info: collinballin5

5 years ago#16
I pointed this out the other day xP
K Thx Bai
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User Info: CriticStorm

5 years ago#17
*watches bulbasuar and squirtle high tail it, as I laugh my ass off*

Ahhhh, ghastly ghastly... such a clever pokemon you are. Sad how the story ends in that episode though :(
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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

5 years ago#18
Dragon Ball came first.

The episode with Venustoise originally aired in 1997 in Japan, and 1998 in the US.

Dragon Ball started in 1984, and ended in 1995.
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