Most badass trainers in the history of Pokemon discussion

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User Info: helldew

5 years ago#21
Sigh another person who hates on ash yet having zero understanding of him. This really gets old.

1. anime dawn for overcomming her problems actaully having character devlepment which is shocking for pokemon and legitmently added something to the table.

2. Red proably gonna go with his manga self. he caught mewtwo he fought deoxys hes smart as hell quick on his feet and pretty clever.

3. Blue(manga) pretty intresting girl in general had some extreamly funny moments is extreamly cunning and sneaky some of the crap she comes up with is just funny. and she made a great contrast for red.

4. Gold just a great hothead in general. similar to red in some regards also much more cocky and made some excellent comic releif moments. he has a insane amount of pride and does things that were so wrong/morally gray it was just funny. His entire appearance in the emerald chapter was just flat out awesome and his jokes were pretty clever.

5.Wes nuff said EX snagem member and a total badass.

6. giovanni crazy strong boss of team rocket made for a excellent villan and had a great im evil and douchy but at the same time he knew when to admit defeat.

7. Looker a combination of anime and manga. does some funny/messed up things you find him disguised as your mom in black and white which is messed up and sorta of funny has some pretty great lol moments (like here is a super rod to find the sages. how will it help you you ask? it wont. also in the anime he is awesome. he fights using no pokemon and still holds his own.

8. Green/Blue (games) ranked low because he pisses me off so damn much he is the most annoying rival ever yet does some super neato things in the manga and in the games he was the down to earth classic rival.

9. Hunter Jay. she legitimently screwed people over badly in the anime and she got extreamly close to gettting away. most of the time she loses because others screw her over. she usually gets the job done and will attack people in broad daylight. not to mention she has a freaking salamence she attacks legendarys for prey and has a ship that goes invisable.

and lastly but not least.

Drumroll... The pokemon fanclub leader., the man who gives you the bike. need i saw more?
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User Info: R1n

5 years ago#22
Red, Lance, Gary, Ethan, Brendan... Eh... Everyone already mentioned the ones I had in mind. And I was reminded of Wes after reading this thread. Him too. =P

Don't forget the girls! Leaf and May are just as badass as the guys.
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User Info: djmetal777

5 years ago#23
The lack of Drake makes me wanna hurl
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User Info: 1998_z

5 years ago#24
He is the Garchomp of the Trainers.
He doesn't do anything great unlike other MCs do.
He doesn't deserved to be called The most badass Trainer.
His FR/LG design is WAY more better than his overused RBY design.
His name is Red.
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User Info: Godstriker8

5 years ago#25
Blue for sure. He was the ultimate rival. He was always one step ahead of you, leaving places that you were entering, and he had a very good team that was well trained. He also had an awesome theme song, and snarky remarks which really made you want to beat him.

Wes also gets an honorable mention.
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User Info: megamanx1291

5 years ago#26
Youngster Joey.
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