My thoughts on BW2 (gimme feedback)

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User Info: BrightStar7

5 years ago#1
I know most, if not all, of this stuff would have been discussed already, but cut me some slack. I was offline for over a week so I missed the whole big reveal and hype (sigh). So I need to get some things off my chest. Hopefully I mention something nobody has yet. Uh...TL;DR warning. >_>

- The forms. Well I quite like them to be honest. At first it was like...wah...then it was like ok these are cool. Interestingly my taste has reversed. Like I always preferred Reshiram over Zekrom, but I like Black Kyurem better. So badass. White Kyurem is rather ugly in the face (here he looks a little TOO much like the original - thats not a good thing). The rest of him is good though. I especially love that big puffy tail lol. Its a win-win for anybody who wanted Black Version again.

- The types. Well I see so many Ice/Electric and Ice/Fire talk. But I don't see how GF is gonna drop the Dragon type. Seriously, look at those things! Wouldn't it be more sensible for GF to incorporate the new types in a more stylish way? I was thinking, keep the Dragon/Ice typing but give two new abilities that boost the typing connected to the absorbed Dragon. So, Black Kyurem would have an ability boosting all Electric moves by 50% and White Kyurem would have all Fire moves boosted by 50%. They would act like the types without needing to change.

-The region. So much speculation about Hoenn being the "new" region. That makes no business sense. Not now. Why would GF give us Hoenn now when there is a significant and separate source of ca$h waiting there in the form of RS remakes? Unless these come far down in gen 6, or are scrapped altogether (lol) I dunno how this would work from a marketing angle. Yes people, play over the same region you just played - again - albeit in a different timeline? This isn't late 90's/early 2000's where the series is in fad stage. Remake sales would take a hit.
Sinnoh is a far likelier option if they go down the old-er-new-region route. DP remakes are years away, creating space for this to work. Plus you had Cynthia in BW and could even fight her. Not to mention Ghetsis/Shadow Triad getting their hands on the 3 legendary orbs. The only person who should have had those orbs in canon is Lucas/Diamond, so there could be a story there. He could be the "Red" of the game. Still, I think its far likelier its a whole new region. GF went through the trouble of crossing continents for BW so I dunno why they would return so quick. Its going to be another "American" region.

-Gen 5 or Gen 6? If it is a brand new region, that would mean new Pokemon right? So would that mean BW2 is actually gen 6 or simply gen 5 is massive?

-Kyurem V3 You just know that there's gonna be some "Final Kyurem" or something with all 3 dragons fusing. I agree with people that think this is part of a trilogy. BW3 means more $$$$.
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User Info: TectonicImprov

5 years ago#2
Because the TF2 economy is stupid.-chaos_blasta
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User Info: erekwashere15

5 years ago#3
TectonicImprov posted...

For not starting a topic about why it isn't on the 3DS or if it takes place in Hoenn?

Ok. But we'll give him another for a sweet post, and that he kept it organized too.
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User Info: DetroitLolcat

5 years ago#4
I agree with everything in this post.
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User Info: Knight_Gawain

5 years ago#5
Brightstart you have a bright future ahead of you!
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User Info: LDSKnight

5 years ago#6
I agree with everything except having in Sinnoh. I can't fathom a reason for packaging a region that you can still buy in stores. I stand by my theory of throwing in Kanto.
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User Info: BrightStar7

5 years ago#7
Oh not Kanto again! GF is killing that region! Although.... there was that thing with the retired Team Rocket guy in BW. Blue's Champion theme was also in there. So its not totally out of the question. There could be a Neo Team Rocket or something started up.

But we played there so many times already, and HGSS was a huge disappointment for me cause they didn't correct the flaws of the original (barren Johto, poor leveling blah). FRLG was better and that was using far inferior technology! Talk about embarrassing. I would accept Kanto if it was like in FRLG with Sevii Islands, in addition to a Battle Frontier.

P.S. If Final Kyurem does happen it would be sensible to drop all secondary types and give it an upgraded version of the abilities I described earlier. Getting STAB on Ice/Fire/Electric would be sick. Plus its own Dragon type. Talk about overpowered lol.
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User Info: AdmiralQball

5 years ago#8
No new pokemon, this is still gen 5, more new pokes would mean gen 6. What I'm expecting is an expanded region, with more earlier gen pokes spread around. Rather than just focusing on the new gen 5 pokes like Black/White did, they can focus on a larger mix of all generations, much like that crossover game that is coming out.
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User Info: felica

5 years ago#9
I think it's common sense that there's gonna be a bunch of old pokemon scattered around in whatever region we end up going to.
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