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User Info: Brandon042487

5 years ago#1
OK I read the translated text in the abyssal ruins from both serebii and bulbapedia and read some threads that pertained the subject, I came up with a hypothesis.

What if pokemon + Nobunga's ambition takes please during the old war? Explaining what happened in the past with Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyrem,

Maybe even the story about Keldo and the other musketeers.

Just a thought I felt like sharing.
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User Info: Second_Chances

5 years ago#2
Pokemon + Nobunaga is a non-cancon corssover spin-off with Nobunaga's Ambition.

It will never be canon to any of the main games, ever, just like every other Pokemon spin-off.

User Info: Sephirotht

5 years ago#3
Good thinking though. But like ^ said, spinoff games are never considered canon to the main games.
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User Info: ssj_duelist

5 years ago#4
It can't possibly be canon. Mewtwo couldn't have existed back then.
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User Info: Soanevalcke6

5 years ago#5
ssj_duelist posted...
It can't possibly be canon. Mewtwo couldn't have existed back then.

This, I wanted to believe that it is the past, but unless they get rid of Mewtwo, it's not happening.
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User Info: SilverSock

5 years ago#6
^Unless he TIME TRAVELED!!
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User Info: gamester_12345

5 years ago#7
Wouldn't that put people entirely out of the loop? there has been like what....4 or so Nobunga's Ambition games that actually crossed over from Japan?

Plus it would be slightly derivative if they suddenly shoved a bunch of Japanese figures from history and attempted to galvanize it into the main canon, it could've worked before the Franchise got adaption overdosed* and released G/S, but ya...

* Assuming that Nintendo anticipated that Pokemon wouldn't be that Popular, chances are that when they made the original Red and Green, it ACTUALLY took place within Japan and indirectly, the real world.

• the Main region is called Kanto, a region in Japan,
• Lt Surge was said to be American
• The burnt lab in Cinnabar mentions stuff about Mew being illusive in South America. (if i recall)
• And not last but least (it's the last), iirc they mentioned Elephants in Gastly's Pokedex entry.

The reason it is hard to retcon out stuff like that is mostly due to Lt Surge's nationality being a larger thing in Japan, he has English phrases and quips and such, though the Elephants thing was mostly due to Fire Red/Leaf Green being faithful to the gameboy originals instead of writing new entries.

Though, to be fair, Gastly and Raichu only mentioned Elephants in the original Japanese games of Red/Green, it wasn't until FireRed/LeafGreen that their original entries saw translation. (assuming that the English Red/Blue entries were translated from the Japanese Blue or something?)
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User Info: zach12_2

5 years ago#8
I think the pokemon world as it was invisioned in R/B/Y was very different than how it is viewed today.

Normal animals do exist that's for sure. Lots of pokedex references to them. And, if you consider the anime at all, I've heard some show up there too.

I think that in R/B/Y there was only supposed to be 151 monsters. The rest of the non human population was supposed to be animals.

Nintnendo thought the game was going to flop at first. When it made them $$$ they decided "Wait, there's like hundreds of more pokemon. I swear now give me you monies."

That's how these things go.
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