I just bought a 3DS and the mandatory question is...

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  3. I just bought a 3DS and the mandatory question is...

User Info: ares9090

5 years ago#1
"Why this game is not for 3DS?"

Mmm, it doesn't feel any different to be a "Why this game is not for 3DS? whore"

I'll be fine playing these games in one of my DS Lite :D
Yes, you read well, "these", meaning I will get both of them.
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User Info: mralpha543

5 years ago#2

No one cares that you'll get both.. and this post was the lamest I've seen...
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User Info: ultimateluigi98

5 years ago#3
Hey, at least with a 3DS you can play Tales of the Abyss on a system that doesn't take forever to load it. That's a big plus right there.
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User Info: usaraud

5 years ago#4
i will not be playing these on my dsi... i will play them on my 3ds... for the simple reason that i can trade battle and get events through wpa encryption... which makes these actions so much more stable... when i switch to wep i get constant disconnects.

any display issues are near non existant... the only thing i regret is my dsphat is dead... so my only remaining systems are region locked... no import for me since i dont feel like forking out £40 for a sys just for 1 title
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User Info: Catcher_Freeman

5 years ago#5
I just hope this game doesn't look as terrible when played on 3DS as BW does.

The resolution sucks, and the graphics are a lot darker than they are on DS Lite.
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User Info: Adam_Ace

5 years ago#6
Well the obvious answer is that with all the games preceding it being part of the DS family it would seem unfair to fans who use their normal DS's to have to upgrade to a 3DS to play the next game in the franchise. It increases Nintendo's market to allow them to sell the game to all the fans who want it but don't necerserrily own the 3DS system. Although if it puts your mind at ease I'm sure they'll add some features exclusively for the 3DS model.
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  3. I just bought a 3DS and the mandatory question is...

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