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User Info: racing_fan_101

5 years ago#1
I think a cool idea for the games is having something to do with the x transceiver, having someone calling you saying a Pokemon is running around town and you either have to catch it or defeat it in battle? Not common Pokemon either rarer ones that don't show up in the region?

User Info: MileRun

5 years ago#2
So, basically like the PokeGear phone app telling you about swarms (except that it's an overworld encounter this time).
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User Info: racing_fan_101

5 years ago#3
Well no not really. Let's say there was a pikachu running around Castelia city and you have to track it down and battle it

User Info: GoldenSun3DS

5 years ago#4
How about they instead use it for a Vs seeker; trainers call you when they're ready to battle again.
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