Gen that had the best Pokemon type day 1: Electric

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User Info: galaxiadarkness

5 years ago#41
1. Just 1.
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User Info: breenm

5 years ago#42
Gen 5 for Zebstrika and Galvantula
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User Info: foreverjesse

5 years ago#43
Gen 4, for Luxray, Pachirisu and Electivire.

Although Gen 5 has my favourites Eelektross, Emolga and Zebstrika, Gen 4 were the Pokemon I enjoyed using the most.
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User Info: GooperBlooper

5 years ago#44
1 > 5 > 4 > 2 > 3

In terms of electric.
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User Info: badgraphix1

5 years ago#45
Think I have to go with Gen 2. All the electric type designs introduced in that gen were rock solid. Gen 5 has more variety but some of them aren't that great (Stunfisk, Thunderus)
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User Info: AdmiralQball

5 years ago#46
Gen 1.

jolteon is one of my all time favs, with zapdos and Raichu being in the top of electrics.
Magnezone and joltik get honourable mentions.
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User Info: ZephyrWind0205

5 years ago#47
I wanna say GEN III but I only like Manectric, so I will give this GEN V or GEN I. Had the best in my opinion.

User Info: kid_gamer95

5 years ago#48
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