Lets be honest dream world sucks...

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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

5 years ago#11
If you were to have a home to decorate INGAME that could be viewed online(like how Pokemon Stadium 2 has the Room setup in 3D, if would be less offensive to me.

If you could CHOSE minigames and earn/find prizes in sums of 5/10/20, would actually give me an incentive to go back there.

PokeWalker was much better really. At least there was no time limit and hell, will be around longer than the DW website.<_<
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User Info: Nanis23

5 years ago#12
FoxFluff posted...
I've never had any issues with it whatsoever, even when it was first released.
But really, the DW isn't that great regardless -- it's kinda fun for ~10 minutes if even, every so often.

also, IIRC, the score effects the moves they know? It's not gender, but still pretty nice.
They need more minigames badly

Who cares about moves?
You can bring moves from gen 4 anyway
Also,most of them are trash

User Info: shcut

5 years ago#13
Pokewalker was much better, I agree.

The 1 hour time limit, 24 hour in-between wait time, the wake up/sleep requirement, poorly implemented friend system, extremely limited number of Pokemon/item appearances each day, and small chance of Pokemon being female all combine to make a terrible system.

So you are only allowed to play for up to an hour every 24 hours, and every time you want to play you have to wake your Pokemon up and put them back to sleep. There is a set number of Pokemon and items you can run into each day, and that number is sadly low. Even if you save up 10k points by playing every day the chance that you're going to find a Vulpix in the forest who's also female is very slim to never. Even if you farm a crazy number of berries and buy a pretty-looking house you won't be able to show it to your friends because you can't find them in the dream world without sifting through literally thousands upon thousands of random houses.

At least with the Pokewalker we got some exercise. Sometimes.
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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

5 years ago#14
Everytime I go to the DW now, it sends me to the same area every time, no matter what. I need Pokemon from the rugged mountain, and I only get sent to the spooky manor over and over again. DW is a joke useless to me now because of that.
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