Based on your username what pokemon are you?

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User Info: Reborn_Tengu

5 years ago#1
Apparently Shiftry is actually a Tengu soooo I guess that's what I am >_>

I always thought more along the lines of Togetic or something *shrug*

User Info: 123lizardman789

5 years ago#2
im a lizard, so im a charizard

User Info: anuticciwb

5 years ago#3
black-3267 6694 0352 // Volunteer at F&A's PS, and ETC.
(J>.<)J Q(^o^Q) < <-my pokes]

User Info: Smogoon

5 years ago#4
Scrafty I guess. - <3
Co-Founder of the Certified Gangstas / Smogang

User Info: Kyubinin

5 years ago#5

User Info: brass1v1amateur

5 years ago#6
Something metal and relatively noobish, so probably Magnemite or Beldum.

User Info: Tyranidomega

5 years ago#7
Official Hydreigon of the Pokemon B/W 2 Boards.

User Info: slmcknett

5 years ago#8
um...I don't think this works out. <_<
Official Luxord of the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Board

User Info: GalladetheGreat

5 years ago#9
White FC:1163 0871 5829 Unused Pawn Shop Points:109
Black FC:2065 1225 2978 Dex completed:8-23-11 Topics helped:23

User Info: EmptyStar12

5 years ago#10
Uhhh Starmie
BW FC: 5071 3224 4419.
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  3. Based on your username what pokemon are you?

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