Keldeo to get a new form

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User Info: Sephirotht

5 years ago#81
Well there isn't much too discuss about. Especially since Keldeo doesn't really look that much different.

He could have wings though.
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User Info: Reborn_Sigma

5 years ago#82
Serebii from SPP posted...
Surprised how little discussion there is about this form

Of course there's little discussion. Keldeo was never exactly the most popular Pokemon, this form seems pretty insignificant, and the "wow" factor of forms has been severely diminished this gen thanks to every legendary and their mother getting one.
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

5 years ago#83
the normal form of keldeo wasn't released yet, why be excited about the new form?
if anything i'm interested in it's stats, movepool change, (don't expect a type change but that'll be interesting)

User Info: reaverz

5 years ago#84
On Smogon someone came up with the theory that the colored feathers represent the musketeer trio that raised it.

Green/Grass = Virizion
Yellow/Ground = Terrakion
Silver/Steel = Cobalion

Sounds plausible to me, but what would that mean for it battlewise?
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