Any reason for the visuals to be so bad?

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  3. Any reason for the visuals to be so bad?

User Info: Enigma149

5 years ago#21
summerclaw posted...
Wait so you guys actually think it looks fine? I know the DS limitations but there's a lot of games way better looking than this. There's no reason for the sprites and polygon to be that low res.

Let me put this in perspective for you.

There are 649 Pokemon, and another 56 forms that aren't simple pallet swaps. That means there are 705 total forms.

Let's say each of those Pokemon has 8 sprites for its animations in Black and White. Likewise, each of those Pokemon needs to have back sprites as well. This means that, for the Pokemon alone, there are 11,280 sprites. That's not even getting into trainers, items, the overworld, items, etc.

Making the sprites and polygons so low res saves out on a lot of work. Is it lazy? Maybe. But given how much they have to do, I think it's excusable.
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User Info: Bearpowers

5 years ago#22
Speedmaster1225 posted...
Playing a game for the graphics is like watching a porno for the story.

Playing a game not caring about graphics is like dating an obese slob of a woman without basic hygiene just because her personality is good.
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  3. Any reason for the visuals to be so bad?

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