late level Razor Wind?

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User Info: Yamato_san

5 years ago#1
so, I was looking through the move changes, and I noticed that Absol now learns Razor Wind at level 57 instead of 17.... um, really GameFreak? Razor Wind has to easily be one of the crappiest attacks in the series (just to be clear, I think Splash at least serves a purpose of making Magikarp more difficult to raise and as a joke move if nothing else, which is far more than I could say of an 80-power attack that takes up a turn to charge). In spite of this, all the Pokemon that learn it do so at a high level, which is a point when they'd already have several attacks with a similar attack power (and no charge time) available to them. Absol seemed like the only Pokemon that might get some usage out of such a move due to learning it at a low level, before it even learns its first STAB move (though, at such a level, you could do as much damage getting in two Quick Attacks, but Razor Wind's high critical rate might work as incentive... special attack's low too, but it might be a negligible difference at such a level). Of course, that's assuming you raised one from a low level (it tends to be a late game Pokemon only found at higher levels), and assuming you just go with the natural moveset rather than teaching it Strength or something, but that's still the most practical scenario I could've actually seen a Pokemon using such an attack.

So why is it now that Absol, a Pokemon that got an early Razor Wind ever since its debut in gen 3, is now learning it at just as high of a level (higher, even) as all the other Pokemon that learn it? Why was a change like this deemed necessary? And what is GameFreak's obsession with making this horrible move seem like some powerhouse attack worthy of obtaining only at high levels?

User Info: scrappybristol

5 years ago#2
Holy wall of text Batman! - this is what nightmares are made of...

User Info: anuticciwb

5 years ago#3
How should I know?
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