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User Info: crunchy612

5 years ago#11
Man, if only Serebii loads...:/ it's blocked for whatever reason in this place's wifi. >_>

If Ralts is indeed in, then all i lack is a sixth poke.... Hmm, maybe Leafeon...
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

5 years ago#12
crunchy612 posted...
Which is pretty good for me. I'm getting White 2, so Arcanine'll be my Fire Type.

And dang, that Riolu feels like a callback to Gen 3's Ralts - quite weak at the start, huge potential. Hmm, do we get Ralts in the new Unova dex?

But since Riolu evolves with happiness during the day, it's pretty easy to get max happiness very early on, without even doing much battling. I didn't even really try with my Riolu and it still evolved at Lv. 20.
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