Gift Pokemon so far?

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User Info: ForteEXEMaster

5 years ago#1
So what are all the gift Pokemon or one-time Pokemon aside from N's Zorua?

User Info: SalsaSavant

5 years ago#2
N's Con***rigous, I think. (Goddam sensors.)
Not 100% sure on that one though.

User Info: Baseball4Lyfe85

5 years ago#3
Ns pidove
Ns sigyliph
A gible from alders grandson.

That's I remember off the top of my head.
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User Info: neoblue107

5 years ago#4
If I can remember correctly... N's Zorua, N's Pidove, N's Sigylph, and Alder's sons shiny Gible are the ones mentioned so far.

User Info: Andre_B_R

5 years ago#5
any known difference between the n's pokemon and the regular ones?
like special moves, abilities.
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User Info: NarutoAxel3

5 years ago#6
There were Pokemon with DW abilities IIRC. I can't remember if they were gifted or they have to be captured though.
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