Question: Where is the daycare center?

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User Info: K_Guan

5 years ago#1
Do anyone know where is the daycare center in Pokemon Black 2? I beat the first gym so far, so I'm not that far into the game yet

User Info: boxdude123

5 years ago#2
This may be a noodish question but how are you playing the game already, where do you live? (don't answer the second question if not needed)
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User Info: darkespeon2323

5 years ago#3
either they imported, or are using a rom.
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User Info: verac31

5 years ago#4
Throughout the entire storyline, I never encountered the daycare, so it's either still after Nacrene City, or I completely overlooked it, which is hard to imagine, because the daycare nearly always has an old dude standing near a fenced-in area with a few Pokemon inside it, which I never saw at all.
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User Info: K_Guan

5 years ago#5
play-asia site let buy the japanese game. So do anyone know where the daycare center is at?


@above poster
Yah, me too, i ran around looking for an old guy outside the house with pokemons in the backyard, but didn't notice any.

User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#6
If you didnt find it during the Main Game,then it's safe to say it's found Post-Game.
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