Your last 3 Karma Digits become your starter pokemon

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User Info: CplusMAN323

5 years ago#351
388: Grotle :(
"I like the porn that destroys lives." - SubbyWithDots

User Info: Link64DS

5 years ago#352
Glameow. NOOO.
Pokemon diamond fc:0215 7797 3568
Ducks own you!

User Info: FBike1

5 years ago#353
133 - Eevee

Well, I know what I WON'T evolve it into...

User Info: zeldagamer2123

5 years ago#354
328 - Trapinch

Hm. Could be worse.
Nah, Luigi's just a pimp. He's got Rosalina, too. - phantom0x
Well it doesn't matter because Mario is so awesome he doesn't need a cool final smash. -Sbladel

User Info: glitchunter75

5 years ago#355
428 is... Lopunny!

A user that just registered today would really lucky; they'd get Victini!

Or get cursed by Missingno. Depends which PokeDex they use.
Legendary Pokemon - Breaking balls in their sleep since 1998.

User Info: GarohAdept

5 years ago#356
The XBOX Region is full of fish pokemon. Cod i believe~ DeAcuerdo
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User Info: Misdreavus573

5 years ago#357
Oooooh. GameFAQs karma points, of course. Let's see, 444:


Meh, boring =/

User Info: hylianslayer

5 years ago#358
eh. could be worse i guess.
Savior of Hyrule; currently playing Dragons Dogma, Minecraft 360, Lego Batman 2, FF Tactics Advance, and Pokemon Conquest

User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
5 years ago#359
074, Geodude

User Info: Iamvegito

5 years ago#360
196 - Espeon.
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