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Rival Team Spoilers

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User Info: 1dragon155

4 years ago#1
Was wondering what the final team the rival has as I cant seem to find it anywhere?
"Zelda is only one game with about 50 different dresses." -Yahtzee

User Info: Blazekicker27

4 years ago#2
Eelektross, Starter, Elemental Monkey, Unfezant, Bouffalant, and Flygon.
Blaziken - the ORIGINAL Fire/Fighting starter.

User Info: 1dragon155

4 years ago#3
Ugh, another elemental monkey on the rival team and Unfezant as well. We have already seeb this in the first game on Cheren's team. They should have come up with two different pokemon in those places and I would be happy with that.
"Zelda is only one game with about 50 different dresses." -Yahtzee

User Info: Ubergeneral3

4 years ago#4
rival's team should be somewhat random. It would make each play through more interesting since my team is different each run through.
If there is a 3rd version form pokemon black and white I will close my account.

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