How to make a successful GBU Random Singles team?

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User Info: Reik0u

5 years ago#1
Basically topic. I'm trying to put together a team to play singles random matches on the GBU, however there are a few obstacles due to the flat battle system that I'm having trouble with. I was hoping if someone with decent singles GBU experience could help me out.

1.) Only 3 Pokemon. Well... hold 6, pick 3, and preview.
Due to the fact that you can only pick 3 pokemon, it really cuts down options regarding strategy. Namely, stall teams aren't going to be as effective. So that generally just leaves an offensive team. Entry Hazards/Setup doesn't seem like a very good way to play either. However, what other strategies are viable in a flat battle scenario?

2.) Item Clause. I'm having trouble with deciding which pokemon should get what item. How do you decide which pokemon gets the Life Orb, and which gets the Expert Band, or Power Band for example? Additionally, Choice Items are also very risky, and a Focus Sash will basically make or break a victory.

3.) Banlist. The banlist is completely different from the "standard Smogon OU" if you will. Should I just be spamming Garchomp whenever I get the chance?

tl;dr, I am wondering what strategies are successful for random match single battles on the GBU, and perhaps how successful players deal with the above challenges?
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User Info: shadyguyrockman

5 years ago#2
I can't really help you with 1. However, regarding 2 and 3: Item Clause doesn't seem to be much of an issue, as I don't see a lot of visible held item effects on there. I assume most people are ditching Life Orbs for type-specific boosters, so that eliminates one of the most commonly repeated items. Since it is a mostly offensive game, as you stated, Leftovers aren't repeated either, since you won't see that many walls. As for the banlist, yes, you can spam Garchomp as much as you want. However, this is an entirely different game, and I find Garchomp to be a lot more ineffective than in "Smogon OU", so you will probably have to rebuild your notions of overpowered Pokemon, since we're changing the rules completely.
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

5 years ago#3
DW Ninetales, DW Venusaur, DW Blaziken sounds like fun, using Sleep moves and sun-boosted attacks to let Blaziken sweep. Something like Balloon, Life Orb, Lum Berry. Other team members could be Choice-Trick users or Wobbuffet to help Blaziken get in.

Maybe try out Ttar, Metagross/Garchomp, Excadrill, with Lum Berry, Balloon, and Life Orb.

Of course, I haven't played GBU at all so I have no experience there, that's just what I'd try out as a start for fun.

User Info: Emperor4DemiGod

5 years ago#4
tar + chomp + filler = profit
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