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User Info: McTCM

5 years ago#1
I got a small question (or 2) involving the Ability "simple",

If Swoobat used CM, it would now have +2 Sp atk and Sp Def, now if my opponent (or me in double battles) did psyche up, would I gain +1 or +2 Sp atk and Sp Def?

also if I did CM 6 times, is the cap still on +6, or does it become +12 because of simple?
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User Info: Lexifox

5 years ago#2
If your opponent uses Psych Up, they'll get +1 boosts, not +2, I believe. I know that you don't double stat boosts with Baton Pass, so I assume it works the same way.

And if you Calm Mind six times, you still cap at +6.
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User Info: ElSilverWind

5 years ago#3
Psyche Up copies stat changes so + 2 SpAtk +SpDef

Limit is still +6 so any further boosts wouldn't work.

User Info: McTCM

5 years ago#4
1 yes, 1 no

I guess I'll have to test it once I get some free time.
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User Info: RadioRebel

5 years ago#5
Simple works differently in Gens 4 and 5.

In Gen 4, Simple is a passive ability that doubles the effect that a given stat increase or decrease level has on stats. For example, using Calm Mind would still provide a +1 boost, but the Simple ability doubles the amount by which a +1 boost raises stats. Using Baton Pass or Psych Up would pass the +1 stat level, not the ×2 stat increase resulting from Simple. This also works the other way; a Simple Pokémon receiving a +1 boost from Baton Pass or Psych Up would also have its stats doubled.

In Gen 5, however, Simple is an active ability that triggers any time a stat is raised or lowered, doubling the stat levels themselves. In this case, using Calm Mind would actually result in a +2 boost, which is retained through Baton Pass or Psych Up. However, this also means that a Simple Pokémon receiving a +1 boost from Baton Pass or Psych Up will not receive double the boosts like it would in Gen 4.

So ElSilverWind was correct TC, a Swoobat using Calm Mind will in fact receive a +2 boost.
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