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User Info: Jamar95

5 years ago#1
After years of playing Pokemon, I'm finally gonna give EV training a shot. To make sure I have read it correctly, your Pokemon will face another stronger Pokemon with the same effort value. If this is not right, please correct me so I can get a better understanding of it.
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User Info: Lexifox

5 years ago#2
When a Pokemon gains experience from a battle, it gains 1-3 EVs. It will gain EVs if it KOs the Pokemon, switches in and switches out, or when it uses the Exp. Share to gain experience.
Note that a Level 100 Pokemon can still gain EVs despite not gaining experience. WHEN you EV train makes no difference, provided the Pokemon has EVs.

The EVs depend solely on the species of the opponent. It does not matter if you fight a Level 1 Patrat or Level 100 - you will gain 1 Attack EV either way. There is no difference between a trained Pokemon or wild Pokemon as far as EVs go.

The influence of EVs changes with your level. As your Pokemon's level increases, EVs will have a larger and larger effect. For example, a Level 100 Pokemon will gain 1 stat point for every 4 EVs.

The EVs you gain from battle can be increased. If infected with PokeRus, your Pokemon will gain double EVs. It also gains double EVs if you hold the Macho Brace. These effects stack. For example, defeating a Patrat grants 1 Attack EV. With the Pokerus or the Brace, this will become 2 EVs. With BOTH, the result is 4 EVs.

Holding a Power item (Anklet, Weight, etc.) will add 4 EVs to those gained from battle, depending on the item. For example, the Power Bracer says it promotes Attack growth. This item will give 4 Attack EVs to those gained from battle. These EVs are doubled by Pokerus. Holding the Bracer and defeating Patrat will give 5 EVs (1 from Patrat, 4 from the item). Holding the Bracer and defeating Patrat with Pokerus will give 10 Attack EVs.

No Pokemon cannot have more than 510 EVs. Furthermore, no single stat can hold more than 255 EVs. Note that this means if you EV train to 100, putting in more than 252 (252 divided by 4 means 63 stat points) is a waste.

Other items that affect EVs are the vitamin items, such as Protein and Calcium. Each will give 10 EVs, but cannot be used after gaining 100 EVs in a specific stat. Thus, these are best used on a Pokemon that has yet to gain EVs. The Wing items from the bridges will only add 1 EV when used, but can be used past 100 EVs. They are still restricted by the 252 cap, however.

Certain berries can also be used to reduce EVs, but raise happiness. Each berry will reduce specific EVs by 10 per use. This is the primary way of removing EVs if you make a mistake when EV training. These items cannot put EVs into the negatives.

BW2 introduces a new market place that can add EVs by certain amounts, but not much research is done into this yet (AFAIK).

Any questions?
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User Info: mtpfreak

5 years ago#3
Your pokémon must face a specific species of pokémon and receive experience in battle, be it directly, from switching out, or even EXP share.

The level of the pokémon defeated is irrelevant to the EVs gained.

The only things that influnce EVs gains are:
The pokémon defeated (and everyone who gaves experience, also gains EVs it distributes)
If a pokémon receiving EVs is holding a macho brace. They will receive double EVs from the defeated pokémon.
If a pokémon receiving EVs is holding a power item (Power Lens, Power Weight, etc). They will receive 4 additional EVs in the item's specific stat, Power Lens gives 4 Sp. Atk EVs always.
If a pokémon receiving EVs has pokérus, infected or cured, They will receive double EVs including the EVs doubled by Macho Brace or EVs added by Power items.

Again, specific species of pokémon give specific EVs. It's worth noting that they may give 1, 2 or 3 EVs in a single stat, or even EVs in two different stats. A few pokémon even give EVs in three stats.
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User Info: gamerofNS

5 years ago#4
Certain pokemon give certain EVs. I'm still developing stuff in SS, so I'm not entirely sure what B/W "hotspots" for EV training are, but I think both Patrat and Lillipup give Attack EVs, and Basculin give speed.
Not sure if you already know this, but you definately want both every power item and pokerus. Speeds up EV training immensely.

User Info: neb555

5 years ago#5
Take EV training simply at first. Most Pokemon are fine with max attack/special attack and speed. Attack is gotten by fighting Pokemon in the grass on Route 1, Special Attack is gotten by Pokemon in the Celestial Tower, and Speed is gotten from any body of water that only gives Basculin by surfing.

Be careful, though. Unless you use Pokerus or a special item, it usually takes 252 battles to get the right number of EVs. You can speed it up by using the minerals (HP Up, Carbos, etc), which can give you up to 100 Evs in each stat, but then you have to train afterwards.
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User Info: Jamar95

5 years ago#6
Ok I kinda understand it better.
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User Info: Jamar95

5 years ago#7
Ok I kinda understand it better.
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Hades: When freaky aliens give you lemons, make freaky alien lemonade.

User Info: DemiseEnd

5 years ago#8
Simple ways to EV train offensive mon with common 252 offense 252 speed 6 filler EV spread

- Made a good mon that can blow up the Single Train and easy to obtain(coughDragonDanceDruggedGyaradoscough)
- Clear standard single train to get 16 BP
- Buy the Power Items for Offensive stats
- Obtain 16 more for Speed

Use the EV increasing items. Train the 6 filler EV, and now Grind in the first route because Patrat and Lilipups give attack EV with the corresponding Power Items equipped(it gives 5 EV per battle).

Make a Note to check how many battles you had

Yeah its pretty damn simple
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