Weirdest moveset you ever seen/used on a pokemon?

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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#1
For me the weirdest set I ever used was

Alakazam Timid 252 speed, 200 sp def 58 def

Cincinno leftovers 252 speed and 252 hp 4 def
Calm mind
Hyper Voice I think
Focus Blast

Primeape choice specs
focus blast
hidden power ice

Starmie analytic 252 hp 110 def 110 sp def remaing in sp atk
Cosmic Power

User Info: liekmudkip111

4 years ago#2
Flash Cannon Blastoise
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User Info: discodancer77

4 years ago#4
Toxic Stall Infernape
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User Info: Fz_Echo

4 years ago#5
I used SpecsCobalion on my VoltTurn team once. It did pretty well actually.
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User Info: darkmoonbeam

4 years ago#6
just saw an air slash scizor on PO....should say a fair bit...
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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

4 years ago#7
Air slash scizor made me lol I've never knew scizor got air slash

User Info: Risenreturn

4 years ago#8
I use Aerial ace on my Scizor all the time. People never seem to see it coming...
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User Info: kagster123

4 years ago#9
I tried using Calm Mind/Slack Off Infernape in DPPt.

Also tried using SubRoost Stall Yanmega too when he was in Gen IV UU during testing lol
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User Info: ThePokeMan98

4 years ago#10
A smeargle in SS with dynamic punch, blaze kick, draco meteor, and transform...
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  3. Weirdest moveset you ever seen/used on a pokemon?

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