CYOA:You are a policeman part 2

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User Info: 1qaqa1

4 years ago#1
Previous topic can be found here.

Synopsis of Part 1 will make more sense if you read the topic

You obtain growlithe inside the police HQ at Castelia city
You go on a series of miniquests in order to obtain a fire stone
Genesect escapes from P2 lab
Growlithe Evolves into arcanine
You head south to Nacrene city to defeat the rampaging bug. You join up with Ash and co.
You fight some fossils in the city and capture an aerodactyl.
You head into pinwheel forest due to the interference of celebi and capture virizion,
You meet Skyla
You head back to the ruins of castelia city and growlithe dies to genesect in combat
You loot, bisharp, cofagrigus, and krookodile off of some dead plasma grunts killed by Genesect.
You do some more stuff in the city.
You head off to liberty garden
You get pikachu
You enter victory city
Once inside you fight your way through the underwater hell to obtain Victini, Obtaining multiple superpowers that include force palm, Flamethrower, psychic, mirror coat, and recover.
Inside the city you encounter 3 new companions Delta the mutated Golurk, Slasher the mutated Kabutops, and Carlita(one of the main characters from M14).
You escape the city afterwards, obtaining a special shiny victini known as silver.
You make your way to twist mountain where a new monster named the gaiapede shows up, you obtain Steven's metagross, you battle your way down the mountain until you find a frozen chamer where you fight a buneary infused with massive amounts of ice magic

Continuation begins next post
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User Info: 1qaqa1

4 years ago#2
Well now that the old one has reached 500, the CYOA will continue in this new thread.

A has been voted as the top choice.

Despite you not knowing why the heck PIkachu is so distraught over the Buneary, you take out one of your precious revives and potions and heal the buneary. Grumbling at the sorry state of your remaining supplies, you hope that the Buneary's powers didn't leave with the cloud.As the potion took effect on the weary Rabbit, Pikachu cried in happiness and hugged you tightly, you tell Silver to get the story of the Bunny out of her since he can undertand pokemon.

Buneary recounted her story once you all moved out of the ice zone and everyone got comfortable.She recalled her trainer, A blue haird coordinator by the name of Dawn receiving a phone call from Cynthia as the 2 of them plus the lovable blue penguin Piplup wrapped up their stint as fashion models. Cynthia invited them to come stay at her champion's cottage in Undella town to unwind for a while and to train for the Junior world cup, Cynthia also let slip that Ash was in Unova, which caused Buneary to instantly feel very happy as Pikachu was also going to be there as was Piplup, it didn't take much convincing for everyone to agree to go to Unova. That's when everything went wrong. Cynthia provided them with a private jet as they flew off from Lilycove city where the studios were located to Undella town. As they flew over to Unova the sky turned stormy as they started to descend, then a purple blur shot out of nowhere, creating a massive cyclone that buffeted the plane and took out multiple engines, then a lightning bolt hit the engines and the plane started dropping like a rock, as everyone hugged each other in a final moment of camraderie, the purple blur triggered something in the sea below and a massive burst of light engulfed the plane, scattering the group, Buneary cried as she was wrenched from the arms of her trainer. Then nothing.

Buneary woke up on a stormy beach with black sand instead of the usual white, the trees seemed to be different, larger, from the water she could see a massive tentacle drifting through and quickly dashed out of the way and into a tree just in time to avoid what looked to be a cranidos in flesh format, however it was much larger and covered in scales that appear to be made of stone, it then charged into the water where the tentacle revealed itself to be a prehistoric tentacruel, massive and imposing.. the two battled for dominance until prehistoric(PH) Tentacruel defeated PH cranidos by snapping its neck with a tentacle, then swallowing the thing whole. Buneary's stomach threatend to throw up, only for her to hear a horrific sound, a massive winged beast with 4 eyes and gigantic jaws was right next to her, about to devour the bunny, screaming buneary used ice beam, freezing the thing whole and shattered it with dizzy punch. That was a mistake.
Official Keldeo #1 Piplup fan and bug type gym leader of the Pokemon Black/White 2 boards. I frequently use a tablet so excuse my spelling/grammer.

User Info: MukAndMew

4 years ago#3
gogo go

User Info: 1qaqa1

4 years ago#4
INstantly she was caught in a tractor beam as several large floating shelled monsters floated out from the forests surrounding the water, they talked in sinister clicks and radiated power, one of them blasted her with a hypnosis and she fell alseep, only to wake up strapped to a stone slab that made buneary shiver constantly from the coldness that wasn't part of the stone. She forgot all about her own discomfort when she saw what floated in front of her. A massive black and silver floating shell, with icy cold eyes and an expression that radiated pure evil . It floated up then blasted buneary with a torrent of ice energy, infusing the power into her very DNA and then another beam that made her tingle, but everyt time that happened she remebered her recent memories and the tingling stopped, this happened over a dozen times until the giant shell became fed up with buneary's resistance and then detached a portion of its shell to have some black ooze drip from it, it rose up, then dived and went inside Buneary. the last thing she remebered was waking up inside twist mountain.

"Pika"..murmured Pikachu in anger and sorrow for her loss, then hugged the bunny tightly, you ask Buneary if she could still battle and she replied by shooting an ice shard from her hand and blew a 10 foot hole in the wall. You decide she was ready to go. Pikachu held her hand as the duo started walking although the bunny didn;t seem to be very into it. You descend down the final few caves, killing a final few fossils, and reach the very bottom where you see a giant cavern filled with mounds of corpses, both man, pokemon,and fossil, and at the center of it laid a large glowing sphere that shot beams everywhere, each one reanimating something while Clay, his pokemon and a large blue quadruped known as Cobalion fought the rampaging fossils. As you go closer you see what's inside the sphere, a giant black shell exactly the same as Buneary's description, she confirms with a cry of fear.

A.Join Clay and cobalion and destroy the reanimator
B.Collapse the surrounding tunnels and flee
C.Take a nap.
Official Keldeo #1 Piplup fan and bug type gym leader of the Pokemon Black/White 2 boards. I frequently use a tablet so excuse my spelling/grammer.

User Info: MukAndMew

4 years ago#5

User Info: PyroThrower

4 years ago#6
A. God help me if anyone picks C.
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User Info: mralpha543

4 years ago#7
Clay and the two Pokemon can handle it.
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User Info: InferNgo

4 years ago#8
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User Info: Changlini

4 years ago#9
The plane scene reminded me of the escape flashback in Cryostasis, while the infusion scene reminded me of some other thing that I just can't quite remember the name of.

Anyways, I chose to help Clay sense he could have a fresh supply cache.
The refurbish NER, oh how you've redeemed me.
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User Info: RatedRKO7

4 years ago#10
A c is the stupidest choice in this story especially now
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