So what was your first legit shiny?

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User Info: The_DOAM

5 years ago#41
I guess the Red Gyarados in SoulSilver. But the first actually caught shiny was a Larvitar caught in mount silver with a dark ball. So now I rock the shiny Tyranitar and wacth the peeps weep.
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User Info: TherianReturns

5 years ago#42
oh you asked me?!

k it was a shiny MANKEY
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User Info: IngSlayer

5 years ago#43
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User Info: Umuru

5 years ago#44

...aside from him though, I can't recall if it was my Tentacool in Ruby or my Tentacool in Silver.

User Info: Groudon199

5 years ago#45
Disregarding Gyarados and Pokémon gotten from Nintendo events, I've only gotten one: A shiny Golbat from the Sky Pillar in Emerald.

User Info: GuitaristMatt

5 years ago#46
I have a shiny abagora (caracosta?) I shouldn't have evolved it...
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User Info: Zarren364

5 years ago#47
Tyrogue, Crystal, that egg you get from the Daycare center. I think it has a higher chance than normal to be shiny, but that may just be a rumor. So many resets just to get the Tyrogue.
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User Info: tminus31

5 years ago#48
Drowzee and I used this thing called a 'Poke Ball'
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User Info: Kamex

5 years ago#49
A stupid Jynx in Silver.

I don't remember what I caught it in.
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User Info: Reaper115

5 years ago#50
the first one I caught? Koffing in the Burnt Tower in HG. Nearly pissed myself. Then I went on to capture a shiny Dodrio the day after. It was weird... I had only ever seen one shiny before... in Emerald I ran into a shiny Zubat. I ran away because I just figured it was a glitch (didn't know about shiny Pokemon back then).
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  3. So what was your first legit shiny?

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