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If you were killed by a Pokemon...

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User Info: PyroThrower

5 years ago#1

Which is it? Now write a short summary of how it killed you.
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User Info: javel34

5 years ago#2

I got curious.
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User Info: Swagodile

5 years ago#3
Killed by a Duskull.

As for how, I don't know.
I <3 tsundere

User Info: Missingno_Mastr

5 years ago#4
The link you have provided chose Swalot as my killer.
This whole entire line is nothing but poetic filler.
Now as to how I met my end, the truth is very real;
How else would a Swalot kill, than by making me its meal?
I am Missingno. Master.
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User Info: Tropicalwood

5 years ago#5
I died from old age.
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User Info: iSwagX2

5 years ago#6
I got killed by a ****ing Slowpoke. -.-
I tried to eat its tail...

User Info: SilverSaint7

5 years ago#7
Scrafty and a couple of his goons drag me into a dark alley.
My swagger brings all the scrubs to the yard.

User Info: MukAndMew

5 years ago#8

Probably had my ears blown off by it's supersonic screams.

User Info: lightning_deity

5 years ago#9
arceus, I was walking home then i see arceus. Filled with rage i punch it's face. Then it judgemented me to oblivion but not before i shot it in between the eyes
'12 year old sailors exist?'
- TherianReturns

User Info: FryDays5000

5 years ago#10
Beedrill. I should've never touched that Kakuna
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