Medals ... did we really need an achievement system for this series?

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User Info: Mr Stick

Mr Stick
5 years ago#21
Don't see why it matters.

What do you think completing the Pokedex is in the first place? Or the Trainer Stars/different colored cards? Or the stamps in FireRed/LeafGreen? Ribbons?

Where've you been? Pokemon's already been doing achievements forever. Before it was cool. Just more subtle.

And honestly, I'd rather people boast about actual in-game accomplishments than their win streak in online matches or their perfect EV/IV Pokemon and how many shinies they farmed through various methods instead of ones they just naturally caught at random.
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User Info: CryingStar

5 years ago#22
scitch24 posted...
i think its awesome , i said for a long time there should be some sort of achievement tracking /hunting

its cool , its what pokemons about collecting is a big aspect of the games

But, this isn't about whether or not you like it. I couldn't give two ****s about whether you like it or not, because what you do in your game is of no concern to me.

I'm talking strictly on the basis of necessity. Did the Pokemon series really need an achievement system that awards absolutely nothing, to maintain it's competitive edge? Would the series really be worse off if the medals didn't exist? Would fewer people keep playing the games if medals didn't exist?
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User Info: Quetzalma

5 years ago#23
its there just like its there on any other game nowadays, you do it if you care, you don't if you don't care

just like the other guy said, you only get them if you go to the Medal Guy, so you can 100% skip them, so I just ask this, why does it matter?

did we need it? no
is it hurting gameplay? no
I don't like it, but perfectionists will like it, does it in any way bother me? hell no

everyone plays a game in the way they like, if they like to go achievement hunting, let them go, what people do in their offline games doesn't matter to you, so why should you care what they spend their time in? just play it the way you like it and be happy with it

User Info: darknova700

5 years ago#24
I don't see why it's such a big deal... in fact I think it's pretty neat.

User Info: King-gamer

5 years ago#25
Who gives a .... It doesn't ruin the game, so who cares.

User Info: torentdragon

5 years ago#26
You certainly got the crying part in your name right. It adds a bit of gameplay for people, and it's ignoreable, and yet you keep whining.
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User Info: Tequila_Shot

5 years ago#27
King-gamer posted...
Who gives a .... It doesn't ruin the game, so who cares.

Who gives a ... It doesn't impact the game, so who should care?
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User Info: Quetzalma

5 years ago#29
whiny TC is whiny

User Info: kanime_yuta

5 years ago#30
Quetzalma posted...
whiny TC is whiny

How can you blame him? Not a single response he got wasn't laden with personal attacks.
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