What was your first Pokemon game/generation?

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User Info: JayXVader

5 years ago#121
Gen 1 Blue

User Info: Jateri

5 years ago#122
Been a Fan since the first came out, oh the memories they are all so good and nice LOL, but yeah since the first one
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User Info: Unbridled9

5 years ago#123
That I played?

Gen 1, Pokemon Red, Charmander starter.

That I owned?

Gen 3, Pokemon Sapphire, Torchic starter.
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User Info: PinnaPark

5 years ago#124
The first Pokémon game I owned was Ruby but I did play my friend's Gold a few times.

User Info: Celebity

5 years ago#125
crunchy612 posted...
Gen 3, Ruby. Eventually played through all Gens(imagine my pain when my Ultra Ball missed Zapdos. LOL.)

Everything in this post.

User Info: TableFlip

5 years ago#126
gen 3,Firered

Bulbasaur,you will always be my best friend!
I don't even know anymore.

User Info: BluntGrunt

5 years ago#127
Gen 1 - Red.

User Info: scythe05

5 years ago#128
Pokemon Blue Version. I started with Squirtle but my brother said I was copying him so I restarted my game and picked Charmander.
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User Info: PhoenixPrince

5 years ago#129
In '04 I got a copy of Pokemon Gold (belongs to my sister now). Then I got Yellow after that, and then Ruby.
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User Info: Tetsuya_0190

5 years ago#130
Gen 1, Yellow.
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