What was your first Pokemon game/generation?

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User Info: smallpoxx

5 years ago#21
Jack_Jacus posted...
Yellow, and i am proud to say that i defeated every single gym leader only with Pikachu.

Pics or it didn't happen.
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User Info: Zrorro

5 years ago#22
I started with Red version on Gameboy, using Charmander as my starter. But I got the 2 other starter by buying blue shortly after to trade them to my red game. I had got into the anime before I played the game when I was little, so I wanted all 3 like Ash. This was before Yellow came out. I was loyal to getting all versions till after GSC. It wasn't till a few years later that I played a few games from gen 3 and up. Gen 1 is still my favorite but I do like this gen with the B/W stuff.
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User Info: beebarb

5 years ago#23
First Game: Blue from Generation 1.
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User Info: _KGC_

5 years ago#24
I want to say Blue but I really don't remember. I know for a fact it was a gen 1 game. >_>
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User Info: Tha_Degenerator

5 years ago#25
beebarb posted...
First Game: Blue from Generation 1.
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User Info: FouCapitan

5 years ago#26
Yellow, gen I on a purple Gameboy Color.
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User Info: PurpleNarga

5 years ago#27

User Info: wheeling_gamer

5 years ago#28
Gold, but got Blue shortly after.
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User Info: Ruwalk

5 years ago#29
My first game was Pokemon Yellow from Gen 1, so my first pokemon ever was actually Pikachu XD Stuck with the games ever since. I own/have played at least 1 of the games from each gen. Just nabbed Black 2 since I played White 1, thought I'd change it up.

Since then I typically stuck to the fire starters, but now there's a bunch of fire pokemon I like that picking a starter gets hard...had Oshawott last run. Maybe I'll try Snivy this time...

User Info: phantom6

5 years ago#30
Yellow, G1.
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