Do you see yourself every being too old for Pokemon?

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  3. Do you see yourself every being too old for Pokemon?

User Info: elkellenhabla

5 years ago#31
Put my DS in storage recently (just because I was moving and packing a lot of stuff), but with all the Black and White 2 buzz I'm pretty sure I'll be getting it out soon. I'm five years younger than OP

Play on!

User Info: darkhisham

5 years ago#32
I think I'm too old for Pokemon, not in the Pokemon is for kids kind of way but in the it's the same thing I've been doing since Pokemon blue version. They release a game you capture as many as you can and train them and then a couple years later they release a new game with even more Pokemon. I've grown quite tired with the formula, I prefer to play something else.
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User Info: Juhanor

5 years ago#33
You're never too old to have fun.

I'd still play them, but I haven't had a Nintendo Handheld since GBA. Maybe some day.

User Info: VarietyofGamez

5 years ago#34
Never, I can see it 80 year old me sitting on a rocking chair and playing the latest Pokemon game. Unless I'm too crippled to hold a controller or handheld.
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User Info: TRKelia

5 years ago#35

There's no max. age limit for Pokemon.

As long as I enjoy the games, I am going to keep on playing them no matter how old or mature I am.

User Info: DragonFaced

5 years ago#36

Pokemon is timeless, just like Super Mario Bros or the Legend of Zelda. Don't see why anyone would feel like they have to cut themselves off from it if they're still having fun.
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User Info: nimerjm37

5 years ago#37
If you think you are too old for (insert property here), then you are too young (and probably too stupid) to be self-actualized, the top level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs.

Look it up.
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User Info: Mister_Kitty

5 years ago#38
If you go through life avoiding things because of what people might think of you, you're going to miss a hell of a lot of great things.

User Info: egglink

5 years ago#39
No. Never.
But there will come a time where responsibility will be greater than Pokemon, so I won't be able to play it as much. I still will, though.
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User Info: SlimeStack

5 years ago#40
I'm 22 and I've managed to get 3 of my friends watching the anime and we already play the games together. If I want to play/watch it, then I'm not too old for it.

Edit: I forgot to point out that I actually have more friends that I can trade/battle/discuss with in my 20s than I did when I was a kid. Ironically, the friends I had as a kid were the ones who claimed to be too old for it.
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  3. Do you see yourself every being too old for Pokemon?

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