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What state are you playing from

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User Info: jerralmw

4 years ago#61
I couldn't think of anything catchy so I chose this.

User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

4 years ago#62
The state of inebriation.
Pokemon White FC: 0346 8604 2225
PSN: phayro_rip

User Info: SaintZetsu

4 years ago#63
"When your wallet is ashes, then you will have my permission to die."-Tetsuya Nomura

User Info: PhantomLink1

4 years ago#64
The U.K. II
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User Info: Master_Bass

4 years ago#65
Pennsylvania here.

User Info: Rpgsrock213

4 years ago#66
Atm the fascinating state known as Ohio...

User Info: nightcatcher13

4 years ago#67

User Info: GalladetheGreat

4 years ago#68
I'm part of the glorious Illinois master race.

User Info: soMEguy_povo

4 years ago#69
Mr_Taco posted...
New South Wales


Same here. You a Westie, or out on the beaches?
Another day successfully wasted.
"I'd rather die than go to heaven"

User Info: OHJOY90

4 years ago#70
From: DarkHeroRaven | Posted: 10/13/2012 6:04:22 PM | #054
The United Kingdom

Do love some Pokemon with my tea and bangers and mash!

This, not to mention crumpets. Wot Wot. o_q
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  3. What state are you playing from

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