Does the GTS evolution glitch still work?

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  3. Does the GTS evolution glitch still work?

User Info: Mister_Kitty

5 years ago#1
I remember someone telling me that in HG/SS and maybe D/P/Pt that if you have nobody else to trade with, you could put a Machoke, Haunter, etc. into the GTS and ask for something ridiculous that nobody would go through with. While it's up for offer, complete a trade with someone else and once that's complete you can withdraw your pokemon and it will have evolved.

1. Does this work on B/W2?
2. If yes, does this work with Electabuzz + electrizer?

I don't have WiFi at home so the next best thing is the donut shop a few minutes away. Since it would be difficult to organize a trade without being able to communicate, I figure that this could work instead, and with that Magnemite coil thing going on it should be pretty easy to complete a trade.

User Info: tenchi1981

5 years ago#2
Most likly
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User Info: Bladeon80

5 years ago#3
It has already been fixed since first B/W
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User Info: crunchy612

5 years ago#4
Been gone since BW

There's ir-gts tho
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  3. Does the GTS evolution glitch still work?

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