Who here has never encountered a wild shiny?

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User Info: Veggi40

4 years ago#51
I've only ever encountered 1 shiny that I can remember and that was back in Crystal
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User Info: Aragaki

4 years ago#52
Found a wild green Zubat in Sapphire a long time ago. Never found another shiny since.

User Info: RedWaggon

4 years ago#53
never, and I played through 8 pokemon games

User Info: Rethen93

4 years ago#54
I have played since Gen1, owned almost every pokemon game and i have yet to see a shiny, just bad luck i guess

User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
4 years ago#55
In Black I breed a shiny Eevee. Lucky to cause I was going to give it away and accepted it by mistake.

Also have a shiny Gloom in Pearl and a Shiny Ponyta in Gold.
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User Info: CobCannonz

4 years ago#56
I haven't.
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User Info: Gamerboy006

4 years ago#57
The only Shiny I have ever encountered in 4 years of Pokemon was a Shiny Psyduck in Platinum. I thought it was a glitch so I ran from it. -.-

My reaction when I found out what a Shiny was 2 days later:


BTW, we're not counting the Lake of Rage Gyarados, right?
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User Info: venkou3

4 years ago#58
I've only caught 2 a Cottonee in Black 2 and a Golbat in Ruby but i seem to gete Pokerus in every game since that showed up in 3rd gen, and also multiple times in Ruby and always on the same route in Ruby.

User Info: toadtitan23

4 years ago#59
My first shiny was a shiny Zubat in Fire Red (all those Zubut encounters paid off ^.^).
The next two shiny pokemon I found were in Pokemon Black and they were an Audino and Zangoose. I have the two event shiny Pokemon also (Haxorus and Red Gyrados)
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User Info: superpikminbro7

4 years ago#60
i have a shiny relicanth in ruby and in crystal i have a shiny dratini and gyarados.
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  3. Who here has never encountered a wild shiny?

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