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User Info: Rose_Mage

4 years ago#21
Blue ~ I think Blue defines the trainer class Rival the best. He has everything a good rival needs. "Cool" looks, a proper team, an okay background, but most importantly a colourful personality. We need more rivals like him.

Silver ~ One of my favourite characters. I am not exactly a fan of his pretty boy looks, his hair style is pretty awful, but the evil aura he has makes up for it. He has the most interesting background out of all rivals hands down and the lulziest of personalities as well. His arrogance and abusing ways are pretty laughable. We definitely need more rivals like him.

Brendan ~ His iconic hat is badass and his tsundere personality is hilarious that is for sure. I can't say he left a big impression on me, though. He is pretty meh. Maybe if his teams improved, he would be better or something.

May ~ I consider her design ugly and I think her teams are pretty bad, but I value her kindness and rather shy personality. It is really cutesy.

Barry ~ What can I say? He is overly crazy and energetic and it runs in the family. I think it is funny how he always fanboys over someone: Let it be Wake or Paul. His insane ways are surely amusing and his teams impressed me a great deal. I say he is fine.

N ~ He intrigued me a great deal in the first games, but in the second...I just did not feel it. Apperancewise there is nothing wrong with him and his teams vastly improved in the sequel, but I feel his personality is...Dry.

Hugh ~ Horrible. Sure, he looks fine and his teams are decent, but his persona is just abysmal. Still better than Rinoa.
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User Info: Anclation

4 years ago#22
Blue: 9 - He became the frikkin' Champion, how awesome is that? Plus, he's really good at being a jerk.

Silver: 7 - Some nice character development, but his bite never did match his bark.

Brendan/May: 2 - Seriously, you're not even capable of obtaining the final evolution of your starter? That's really pathetic..

Wally: 6 - Decent enough rival, nice to seem him grow as a trainer, but never really feels like a true threat or equal.

Barry: 7 - Mostly just okay, but at least he does reach really high levels for a rival (at least compared to the ones in Gen 3), so I'll give him points for that.

Cheren/Bianca: 8 - I really liked these two, they both had pretty good storylines and different qualities as trainers, and both end up with really high-leveled Pokes. Too bad Cheren's end-game team kinda sucks...

Hugh: 7 - Easy to mock, but that's part of his charm. I liked how he had other concerns that just becoming strong/becoming the Champion.

Oh, and N definitely deserves a spot:

N: 9.5 - The only rival except for Blue to beat the Champion. He also has the best storyline, character development and the most unique approach to being a Pokemon trainer (he actually ends up releasing almost all his Pokemon, which you benefit from in B/W 2). Oh, and he has a Legendary, which he fights you with. Awesome!

User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#23
Blue- 8
Silver- 2
Brendan/May- 0 (screw 1-10!)
Wally- 5
Barry- 10
Cheren/Bianca- 8
Hugh- 9
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User Info: P0k3m0nWaRR10R8

4 years ago#24
Blue - 9
Silver - 10
May/Brendan - 7
Wally - 7
Barry - 2
Cheren - 5
Bianca - 5
N - 10
Hugh - 8
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User Info: slmcknett

4 years ago#25
Blue = 9
Silver = 9
May/Brendan = 4
Barry = 5
Cheren = 6
Hugh = ?

Haven't played BW2 yet.
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User Info: pies12

4 years ago#26
Hugh - I want to punch him in the face/10
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User Info: Emerald_Melios

4 years ago#27
Blue- 8/10
Silver- 7/10
Brendan/May- 1/10
Wally- 3/10
Barry- 5/10
Cheren- 6/10
Bianca- Moeblob/10
N- 10/10
Hugh- Rage/10

User Info: Marbiaach

4 years ago#28
Wally: Seriously why do people think you're a rival/10.
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User Info: Furryyiffer

4 years ago#29
Ryuho, mate to Mizuki ^-^
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User Info: TherianReturns

4 years ago#30

Blue- 10
Silver- 10
Brendan/May- 7
Wally- 0
Barry- 9
Cheren/Bianca- 4
Hugh- 2
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