Think back to when you were a little kid...

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User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#31
The first time I played Blue soloed with Charmander, up until I caught a Jigglypuff. Also Misty raped my crap, but little Jiggles ended up putting her Deathstar to sleep and killed it with Water gun. I also released my beloved Nidoqueen. (But I think I turned the game off to make it not real).

However I played games about as well as I do no when I was eight, and I couldn't get through any cave and made other people do it for me. I also cared mildly about movesets, but never about catching them all...I also trained a Persian to level 60 for dat pay day...(in the little grass with Vulpix before Celadon)
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User Info: Chaos Genesis

Chaos Genesis
4 years ago#32
I was a freshman in college. None of that fluff from the opening paragraph applied to me at all.
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User Info: Zeal

4 years ago#33
Ah. The days of Red and Blue. I was more obsessed with catching them all, rather than battling but I was always up for a good scrap. I usually won too. I remember pulling a Voltres on someone, and he actually called his friends over to see if they knew what it was, and I managed to take out his Machamp, lol. Yeah, it was a time when noone found Mewtwo just yet at our school.

Oh, and then there was that incredible battle I had with a friend of mine. I managed to rip through his whole team, but then it got to his Blastoise, and his Blastoise annihilated all of mine up until Scyther. Bug/Flying vs Water/Ice? I knew my only chance of winning was getting in the first hit AND getting a critical.

Won by the skin of my teeth. :P

I stopped playing after Crystal, but came back for Black and I still play like I did back then; picking the ones I like the look of, catching to fill my dex, and ignoring anything to do with EVs or competitive battling. (That being said, I'm horrible at battle subway, lol.)

User Info: mumpsy21

4 years ago#34
Even as a kid, when I played Pokemon Blue(only other pokemon game I've ever played), I didn't get emotionally invested. For me it was all about becoming the best and killing everything in my path with my charmander/meleon/izard. I did with the anime a little bit though.

I connect more with FF/KH type stuff I guess.
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User Info: RTC3

4 years ago#36
and that's how nintendo likes 'em
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#37
From: RTC3 | #035
most of the guys who post here wouldn't have to think hard. they are little kids

get off my lawn and go back to watching your crappy sports
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User Info: Ansem_the_evil

4 years ago#38
Well pokemon red/blue came out here in Sweden in 1999 whebn i was 11 years old and i remember playing it on a friends computer before i got the game to my gameboy
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User Info: Hardcore74Leo

4 years ago#39
I was in first grade and there was a kid in my class playing on a gameboy with a couple other kids watching. I curiously went to see what game he was playing and saw a strange fire lizard fighting a bat. I asked what it was, and the kid said "Pokemon, its this new game that's great." Convinced my parents to buy me Pokemon red and I have never looked back. To bad going to a Christian school by the time I was in third grade they banned Pokemon from the premises...same with digimon the year later and yu-gi-oh in seventh grade.

User Info: helldew

4 years ago#40
THe main thing i remember was my cousins found out about the game i cant remember if it was the jap version of english version but they introduced it to my and their little bro and we pretty much all got copies of it together and since then we have gotten the parallel games.
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