The Obligatory 'List You First Ever Team' Topic

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User Info: goodknife

4 years ago#111
from silver:

User Info: ponderingcow

4 years ago#112

Not sure on the last one, I got them all to level 100 and then a week after that my cousin started a new save almost cried when it happened
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User Info: vermillion719

4 years ago#113
God, I can't remember that far back. I'm pretty sure it would have been just my starter, but I can't remember if I started with Bulbasaur or Squirtle. I think it was the latter.
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User Info: Grammar_man

4 years ago#114
I remember my first name when I played the game: PKMNLover. >_>

Charizard(beat Brock by being lucky- ember burned both his mons on the first turn, and I scored quite a few crits on onix. Overlevelled him as a Charmeleon by losing to Misty a few times(eventually won, through level advantage and Mega Punch Crit)- he then went on to destroy the third gym with Dig). Had flash on him XD.
Dig, Slash, Flamethrower, Flash by the league.

Nidoking(traded for it xD)- TM'd up beyond belief at the end. Was mostly just the backup early on... Then from around the 7th gym, he started wrecking stuff.
Used the following TMs on him:
Bubblebeam.(Later switched for Surf)
Ice Beam.
Thunderbolt- traded it for Thunder later.

Farfetchd Traded for him, eventually used him as my Fly+Cut mon.
Other moves was Toxic and Slash.

Snorlax- my original Surfer, and my user of Strength, Rock Slide and Rest.

Jynx(traded for it).
Ice Punch- traded for Blizzard directly afterwards.
Lovely Kiss

Hitmonlee(I was so proud for winning a pokemon in a gym XD)
Hi Jump Kick is all I remember.

At the league, I took out Lorelei mostly with Nidoking's Thunder, but Snorlax lent a hand, too.

Jynx swept Bruno with Psychic.

Nidoking swept Agatha with Earthquake and Ice Beam/Thunders.

Lance was soloed by Nidoking who mostly Ice Beamed, but Thunderbolted Gyarados( only had 1 Thunder left after the fight)

Gary was beaten in this way:
Nidoking took down Pidgeot(Thunder).
Charizard took down Alakazam(Slash) but suffered heavy damage.
Nidoking beat Rhydon(Surf).
Exeggutor beat Charizard(lol, barrage took Zard down after a Flamethrower miss), but was finished of by Farfetch'd.
Arcanine was beaten by Nidoking(Surf).
Blastoise demolished Nidoking(who had no Thunder left to bring), Demolished poor Farfetch'd(who just didn't match up), defeated Jynx in a tight struggle.
Then he got finished off by Hitmonlee(Hi Jump Kick), who had rested the entire League XD

Lost on my side:

So yeah, the only real reason Blue was hard in the slightest was really because I wasted Thunders.

User Info: extremegunner

4 years ago#115
I only remembered Charizard, Pidgeot and Dugtrio.

User Info: Umuru

4 years ago#116
Fearow one to trade with. ;_;

User Info: Talyrian

4 years ago#117
My first game was Ruby, where my team consisted of an HM-loaded Swampert, a Groudon, and.... I think a Pelipper so I could fly... and some more underleveled garbage. Yeah, I was pretty stupid back then.

User Info: Rikkettik

4 years ago#118
I really can't remember. I only know I had a level 96 Charizard when my sister decided it was time to erase the save file. Still the closest I came to having a level 100 pokémon, event Arceus not included.

From Silver, I remember having a Typhlosion that only knew Fire type moves, a Poliwhirl and a Sandslash. I believe I had an Ampharos too, but I'm not completely sure about that one.

User Info: Beowulf2010

4 years ago#119
IIRC it was:


Though the Golem might have been a Machamp instead...
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