What types can they think of if they want to bring new types in Gen 6?

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User Info: Scizoreon

5 years ago#31
They could combine Types to allow Pokemon to technically become triple type Pokemon


Masquerain becomes Storm / Bug type however Pelipper remains as Water / Flying. The combined types would just be used to give Pokemon all the types they deserve

Storm Type (combination of Flying / Water)
Weak (x2) Rock, Electric
Resist (x0.5) Fire, Water, Fighting, Bug, Steel
Immune (x0) Ground

Seismitoad could become Mud / Poison while Swampert and Quagsire could become pure Mud Type in order to give them more viability

Mud Type (Combination of Ground / Water)
Weak (x2) Grass
Resist (x0.5) Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel
Immune (x0) Electric

(Combined types still retain the maximum weakness of x2 and resistance of x0.5 even if they should have a x4 weakness or a x0.25 resistance so that Pokemon that are pure combined types (Like Swampert in the above example) can fight on an even playing field. )

User Info: KyrieIrving

5 years ago#32

User Info: deathguise950

5 years ago#33

User Info: CaptainGordon

5 years ago#34
Ive thought for a while that a 'Rubber' type would work pretty well. It would need to be immune to Electric, resist Fighting Ground and Rock, but be weak to Fire and Steel.

Maybe they could also introduce triple types. For example, Gyrados can become Dragon-Water-Flying.

And then, everything currently with the Levitate ability can gain an extra 'Levitate' type which would be immune to Ground attacks, but weak to Flying. This would of course free up their ability slot for something more interesting.

Maybe they could add some kind of 'Mythical' or 'Legendary' type. Resist Fighting and Dark, but be weak to Poison. It would need to be retroactively added to some of the previous legendaries.
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User Info: deathguise950

5 years ago#35
What if they took some of the egg types that aren't used and made them actual types? Like mineral, monster, fairy etc...

User Info: CaptainGordon

5 years ago#36
Oh, and a side note, the 3 starters should have Fighting -> Dark - > Psychic subtypes.

For example: Fighting/Grass, Dark/Water, Psychic/Fire
No one, not even a demon, can deny a man his Pizza Shack Teriyaki Pizza.

User Info: Ardian164

5 years ago#37
Light type - Since we already got dark so...
Weaknesses: Dark
Resistances: Ghost, Fightning, Fire
Immunities: None

Light attacks:
Effective hits on: Dark
Not effective: Psychic
Types that are immune: None (or normal, since it needs a buff)
Neutral: Any not listed above.

Example of an attack

Sol Spiral
Type: Light
Category: Special
PP: 40
Power: 20
Accuracy: 100%

Same as Rapid Spin, except it's typing and the fact it is a special move. Spinners will never have to be afraid of ghost-types again.
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User Info: uuurrrggh

5 years ago#38
King-gamer posted...
Glass type:
2x Flying, Water, Psychic
.5x Fire, Steel, Rock, Ghost
2x Fire, Steel, Rock
.5x Ice, Electric, Ghost
x0 Water, Psychic

Crystal Onix, Evolves from onix holding Glass Coat.


Gives steel a new offensive purpose, I like it!
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User Info: SpikeTbear

5 years ago#39
I think if we're going to bother adding new types, they should help balance out the completely broken weaknesses, strengths and resistances. How about:

Curse Type

Super Effective against: Dragon, Curse
Not Very Effective Against: Ice, Poison, Ghost
Weak to: Curse, Poison
Resists: Dragon, Fighting

Basically, the uber powerful dragons have something to keep them in check a little. Ice gains a much needed resistance. And Poison gets the super effective hit it desperately needs.
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User Info: LOGlC

5 years ago#40
I think a Light Type would be pretty cool.
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