Is gen III still the black sheep of the franchise.

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User Info: brawl__08

4 years ago#101
From: 360pages | Posted: 11/8/2012 11:05:36 PM
pectus_umbra posted...
I actually liked gen 3 in a lot of ways. Cool world with variety (volcanic ash anyone?), some cool mechanics introduced, like the original contests, and some really cool and memorable pokemon, even if they weren't all great (Skarmory, Zangoose, Banette).

Admittedly, losing time and your pokemon was a kick though. but it's the gen I feel I've returned to more than any other.

Skarmory was gen 2.

This is hilarious.

Mostly because of this:

FFS, I've seen numerous people think Slugma and Skarmory were gen 3 Pokemon simply because gen 2 hated itself enough to not show us that those Pokemon existed. Colosseum and Gale of Darkness utilized gen 2 Pokemon more than GSC did.

User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#102
I've never thought about that before. While I do remember Skarmory in Gen II, where it was located and such, for such a good Pokemon it was pretty hidden. I don't even know if any trainers really used it. In Gen III, it exploded in popularity in the metagame, and in-game I know that up in the volcanic routes it was a fairly common Pokemon, one to be scared off for its power. It really is more of a Gen III Pokemon than Gen II.

The worst has got to be Houndour. What the hell, Game Freak? Toss it in a small patch of grass in a random Kanto route. That's real great. Actually, now that I think about it, there are a fair amount of Pokemon like that. Teddiursa only appearing in the morning in half of Lost Cave, Murkrow showing up in small parts of Kanto, Yanma being relegated to a swarm in a small patch of grass...
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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#103
That's because competitive battling became popular in gen 3
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User Info: helldew

4 years ago#104
I remember skarm all to well in gen 2. oh my god i remember that thing.

*story time*

I remember when i was a kid back in the day playing Gen2 with my cousin we were at my grandmas house and one of her family friends were visiting. This guy was playing pokemon at the time to like pretty much a ton of kids our age were and me and my cousin played G/S/C virutally non stop. anyways we saw this kids game and i remember making fun of the fact her literally had 20 pokemon caught and he beat the game. and when we checked his boxes we saw skarmory. me nor my cousin even knew this thing exsisted at this point and i remember rushing to the route looking for it below blackthorn.

i remember our batteries were both out to and we tried turning the gameboys on with that little bit of battery left after your batteries hit zero and hunting relentlessly for this new pokemon.

later on we got got our own but yeah it was pretty cool finding a hidden pokemon within the game we never found before and one that looked to cool at that a freaking steel bird
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User Info: Rainierman

4 years ago#105
I also was like WTH when I got Skarmory xD. I was hunting for Entei/Raikou/Suicune so, that's how I got there.

Woah, good times. The internet really took away that magic.
... If only half the things in these new Pokémons were possible to figure out at all

... Oh crap I sounded so old there xD. I think I was just too young when I played the first ones.
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User Info: musumane

4 years ago#106
Gen 3 to me felt so plain, like it was really good, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but trying to go and play it again, it just feels so plain. FR and LG suffer from this as well IMO
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User Info: Haxdreigon

4 years ago#107
musumane posted...
Gen 3 to me felt so plain, like it was really good, I enjoyed the heck out of it, but trying to go and play it again, it just feels so plain. FR and LG suffer from this as well IMO

Which pokemon games in the main series don't?

User Info: ClassyOldHat

4 years ago#108
brawl__08 posted...

From: ClassyOldHat
Gen 2 are the only games where the inclusion of baby Pokemon could be justified. They needed to find some way to motivate players to experiment with the breeding features, and seeing as "Catching them all" still seemed viable back in those days, exclusive Pokemon were a nice way to do it.

Gen 3 is where babies became truly marketing-only gimmick that served no purpose. And as if that wasn't enough, it felt the need to introduce perhaps the most pointless breeding feature in the franchise: incense breeding.

Isn't this reasoning kind of flawed? Baby Pokemon being used to help with breeding is essentially a gimmick within itself that only offered itself to remain a gimmick factor.

Consider this: New players are always joining in, so to compensate for their lack of knowledge, Gamefreak will have to adjust the Pokemon selection so that they can understand concepts as well, if not better, than the previous generation. As such, more babies.

Not supporting the system at all, but it works both ways. Besides, Wynaut and Azurill didn't do too much damage. Azumarill and Wobbuffet weren't particularly in need of evolutions thanks to their abilities from that generation. Bonsly and Mime Jr. though...

You have a point about them still being gimmicks, but, like gen 1's trade evolutions and Plusle and Minun they are at least a gimmick with a purpose.

Azurill and Wynaut do not have such excuses however, because not only do they add a beginner-unfriendly incense requirement out of some misguided desire to preserve continuity, but Pikachu was still there to provide us with Pichu. Plus, with truly completing the Pokedex being impossible, and "gotta catch 'em all" slowly ceasing to be the series' central tagline, there is not as much motivation to complete the Pokedex, meaning that fewer people will investigate breeding to complete the Pokedex anyway.

But yeah, gen 4 was the worst, as far as babies went. Seven incense babies, and the introduction of baby pokemon into the wild, rendering any justification they might have had moot.

User Info: 1998_z

4 years ago#109
People who like Froslass and/or Swampert just like I do: 4
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User Info: Tequila_Shot

4 years ago#110
Third Gen is now two generations old, so people love it. They hate on Fourth Gen now. When we're in Sixth Gen, people will say that Fourth Gen was so awesome and retro, and they can't wait for the Diamond and Pearl remakes, while Fifth Gen is crap because of "the no old Pokemon in Black 1 and White 1, and no third version."
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