Is gen III still the black sheep of the franchise.

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User Info: Haxdreigon

4 years ago#31
TectonicImprov posted...
Everyone likes Gen 3 now because the people who started with Gen 3 are old enough to go online now.

And what happened to those who were praising gen 2?

User Info: Gastroid

4 years ago#32
From: Junahu | Posted: 11/8/2012 4:33:49 PM | #030
Gastroid posted...
Gen II was simply Gen I with more content.

Gen 2 introduced all kinds of series staples; Breeding, Hold Items, Gender, Shiny Pokemon, PKRS. And in Japan, Gen 2 allowed trading via mobile phones.
And don't forget that Gen 2 introduced the Steel and Dark types, AND split Special into Sp.Atk and Sp.Def.

I'd call that new content. Structurally, the game was pretty much the same as Gen I, with only a handful of engine improvements (such as the new color palette for the GBC). The new game engine in Gen III was a radical departure from it, and is the base for all the generations we've seen since. I wasn't arguing from a gameplay perspective, but an engine one.
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User Info: electric_emu

4 years ago#33
Dark_Einherjar posted...
DarkBlueAnt posted...
What was wrong with Gen 3? Was it just the least played? That's kind of expected since it came out after the nostalgia wore off, but before online came into play.

Maybe people were pissed because Gen III had no backwards compatibility - you couldn't bring your Pokémon from Gen I & II to Gen III.


Gen 3 had that awkward time period (before FRLG) where it was just gen 3 Pokemon and handful of reused others. I was too young to notice really (6th grade, I think?) before FRLG came out.

User Info: HomeRowed

4 years ago#34
Haxdreigon posted...
TectonicImprov posted...
Everyone likes Gen 3 now because the people who started with Gen 3 are old enough to go online now.

And what happened to those who were praising gen 2?

The gen 2 praise was happening last gen when HGSS came out.

But yeah, pretty much all the people who love gen 3 are at that age now where they can start being nostalgic about things and they know how to use the internet, so they'll start gushing about it whenever they get the chance. Plus they probably feel bad that they haven't got a remake yet, so that just adds fuel to the fire.
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User Info: txrdriftking

4 years ago#35
Gen IV had Glaceon and Leafeon.

'Nuff said.
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User Info: 360pages

4 years ago#36
Outside of this board, Gen 3 is't really all that well liked.
Well it's all opinion anyway, so why would anyone worry about it.

How ever it really doesn't have a high chance of a remake since it is the lowest seller. Who knows though, since the creator has a soft spot for it.
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User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

4 years ago#37
i love the people implying gen 3 love only happens because kids that started with gen 3 are older

it's not like it managed to sort the horrible mess gen 2 made or something
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User Info: AuroraSonicBeam

4 years ago#38
Gen 3 games had the lowest sales of any generation and also was the least critically praised (especially compared to earlier generations) and there was a reason for that. As a matter of fact pokemon's popularity was actually decreasing during Ruby and Sapphire due to the lack of connectivity to earlier generations(the only games that had that problem) and also because people, especially kids, would rather play Yu-Gi-Oh. Emerald, and FireRed/Leaf/Green were Gen 3's only saving grace.

And to the people who say Gen 2's the black sheep; Gen 2 solidified Pokemon's status as a video game powerhouse as it continued the success of Red and Blue. As a previous user said, outside of this board, gen 3 is not as popular as it is here.

With that said, I love gen 3 a lot. Hoenn was an awesome region and even better than Johto, but I'd rather listen to the critics and game sales, then the opinions of users on a message board.
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User Info: boring_name

4 years ago#39
Verxl posted...
I think the reason 3rd gen was so hated before is because the most recent generation is the one most open to criticism. We don't want to insult our nostalgia, nor the game we're currently playing.

So now that we're in gen V, gen 3 still gets hate, but gen 4 gets random hate too.

Nah, Gen III has been criticized ever since it came out so the logic there is off.

User Info: EdwardoMario16

4 years ago#40
It was essentially the same as it is in gen 5. The stupid restriction on Pokemon (aka time exclusive Pokemon) were nonexistent, and there's also the benefit of no season exclusive Pokemon.

Seriously, time is the worst feature ever. Do all the time lovers hate themselves or something?

Yeah man, this day/night time feature was so stupid. It was so dumb that they brought it back for the onset of Gen IV and V.

By "time" I meant day/night. I forgot that Gen 3 did have time (Shoal Cave), but you see, because of the lack of Gen 2's day/night feature, I wouldn't even remember that. Oh, it's Daylight all the time in the game, there's an internal clock in this game? Yeah, Time as the game runs in perpetual daylight. That makes sense.

That said, Gen III isn't bad, but it's the "black sheep" for a reason. Hoenn is a neat region and the Pokemon are cool, but as AuroraSonicBeam said, the lack of Gen 1 & 2 connectivity (The fact that the game boxes proudly boasted that), turned off a lot of the "Catch 'em All" fans who built their teams in Gen 1 & 2 had to suddenly "Catch 'em all over again.
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