Pick one gym leader to remove from existence.

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User Info: Skunkdog1

5 years ago#61

that miltank of hers can go **** itself

User Info: GlassCobra15

5 years ago#62
I haven't hated many of the Gym Leaders. I think Lt. Surge and Lenora are both rather stereotypical and offensive, but if I had to pick one to actually remove from existence, it would have to be Roxie or Marlon. Marlon was pathetically easy and just an annoying experience, especially as an 8th Gym Leader.
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User Info: dragonkyn20

5 years ago#63
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User Info: Unbridled9

5 years ago#64
Either Whitney for her Miltank, or first gen Lt. Surge. I spent more time searching for those bloody switches than any other gym challenge in the entire series!
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User Info: ApeOverlord

5 years ago#65

How rude of you to doze off in front of me. I find it just as rude as Caitlin sleeping in bed before a battle.

User Info: amr65

5 years ago#66
That way no more team rocket trouble in firered and leafgreen

User Info: supremeblaster

5 years ago#67
Claire. Absolutely the worst attitude I've seen in a gym leader, with a Kingdra to boot!

User Info: coconutarmy1

5 years ago#68
Burgh... Needs to go.
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User Info: kuwab0

5 years ago#69
Get rid of Elesa and replace him with Volkner.

User Info: boltsquirt

5 years ago#70
Clay. Surprised no one else has said it yet, he's pretty much a jerk every time you see him. Blames you for his losing Team Plasma, doesn't give you your TM until later, bosses around everyone (including you after you beat him), claims ownership of vast swaths of land which don't even seem connected to him, names a tunnel after himself. Plus, if you don't have the right team, his Excadrill can rip you apart. (Never actually been a problem for me personally (I always pack a water type), but still a reason to dislike him)

Seriously, the only Gym Leader I've ever hated, and Morty owned me like 40 times as a kid.
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  3. Pick one gym leader to remove from existence.

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