Average Age of Pokemon Players?

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User Info: Terradrius

4 years ago#51
25 here, though I'd bet money that the average age of people on this forum is significantly higher than than the average age of a pokemon player.
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User Info: purple_raven

4 years ago#52
25 (26 next month) heard of blue and red abd yellow from friends but being a foster kid I was limited to what I could buy. But for a xmas present (I think) my foster brother and I both got a gameboy color and game. I got gold him silver. Been playing every since.

User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#53
This topic happens every week.
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User Info: DutchAngel9

4 years ago#54
19 years old.

First game I played was Red, borrowed it alot in 1999 from a cousin, in 2000 I got my first Pokemon game, Gold, for Christmas.

User Info: pred890

4 years ago#55
26, started with red and blue.

User Info: poyas2674

4 years ago#56
24. started with pokemon red and blue.

User Info: desolate_spence

4 years ago#57
26 here. Been playing since Red/Blue. I remember the countless hours of trying to get Scyther/Pinsir. My gameboy plugged in to the wall so it wouldnt die.Saving my lawn mowing money for a Gameboy Color and link cable so i could battle my friends at school. The awesomeness of those days.
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User Info: _Rinka_

4 years ago#58
I was expecting a younger crowd

But I guess it makes sense. I'm 23, started with Blue, left the craze and didn't come back until Diamond. I've now gone back and played at least one from every generation
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User Info: Heartless18

4 years ago#59
42 here. Been playing since Pokemon 1 on DS. I only got into it because my ex-girlfriend's son was huge into Pokemon and I wanted to have a similar interest. Ironic thing is he outgrew Pokemon and I'm a pretty hardcore Pokefan now!!
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User Info: bond617

4 years ago#60
ZombieAkane posted...
moneyman82 posted...
ZombieAkane posted...
20, been playing since Japanese Green.

Currently sponsored on Smogon.

D: For what, exactly?

I remember when one of my friends went to Japan and came back with Pokemon Green Version. We all went nuts, as you can imagine. We always wondered why Venusaur didn't have a game!

For Digimon.

Seriously, what the **** else on Smogon can you get sponsored for other than competitive battling?

except smogon doesn't "sponsor" people. what are you even talking about?
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