I thort of a new pokemon type.

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User Info: ZombieAkane

4 years ago#1

Beats Rock, Ground, Fire, Normal, Fighting.

It drowns Normal, Fighting.

Resists only Fire.

Weakness, all Liquid mons take double damage if hit with the same fire attack twice due to evaporation.

Weak to elec mons.
"If I facepalm as hard as I wanted to it would be a mortal kombat fatality" - knightimex

User Info: NoseReaper

4 years ago#2
should be weak to fire because aplly heat to liquid nd it become gas
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3

What is this i don't even...
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User Info: beebarb

4 years ago#4

This makes no sense. We already have the WATER type, water is a liquid.

Your idea is not well thought out. Try again.
We shall rise again to start anew.
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  3. I thort of a new pokemon type.

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