Gen I vs Gen V Day 4: Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan vs Sawk/Throh

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User Info: Alom_o_mola

5 years ago#1
Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan vs Sawk/Throh - Results (155 votes)
85.81% (133 votes)
14.19% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
So, my belief is that Gen V is somewhat of a reboot. I.e. they opted for a fresh new start of Pokemon.
So in this poll, I plan to find similarities between the new Gen V and the original Gen I and ask you guys which is the best. In terms of best, it can be based on anything, appearance, effectiveness in both ingame and competitive or even it's name. You decide.

So, here are some similarities between the two.

- Both are fighting types and seems to be the counterpart of each other. (fists vs foot/red vs blue)
- You can only get both via trading from a different game in Gen1 and Gen 5.
- Their names also somewhat oppose each other. Lee and Chan are very big martial artist actors. I suppose Lee's style is considered more serious than Chan's which is more goofy but still effective. Sawk(sock) is a punch or strike whereas Throh(throw) is well... a throw, different methods of attacks.
- They are also only Male

List of comparisons to be done
Day 1: Geodude line vs Roggenrola line - 44.35% to 55.65%
Day 2: Machop line vs Timburr line
Day 3: Gastly line vs Litwick line - 50.42% to 49.58%
Day 4: Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan vs Sawk/Throh
Day 5: Pidgey line vs Pidove line
Day 6: Caterpie line vs Sewaddle line
Day 7: Weedle line vs Venipede line
Day 8: Pikachu vs Emolga
Day 9: Chansey vs Audino
Day 10: Tauros vs Bouffalant
Day 11: Paras line vs Foonugs line
Day 12: Voltorb line vs Foongus line
Day 13: Tentacool line vs Frillish line
Day 14: Psyduck line vs Ducklett line
Day 15: Oddish/Bellsprout line vs Cottonee/Petilil line
Day 16: Kabuto/Omanyte line vs Tirtouga/Archen line
Day 17: Drowzee line vs Munna line
Day 18: Ponyta line vs Blitzle line
Day 19: Poliwag line vs Tympole line
Day 20: Grimer line vs Trubbish line
Day 21: Mewtwo vs Genesect
Day ??: Kanto E4 vs Unova E4
Day ??: Team Rocket/Giovanni vs Team Plasma/Ghetsis
Day ??: Lavender Tower vs Celestial Tower
Day ??: Pokemon Laboratory vs P2 Laboratory
Day ??: ???

Very close poll yesterday. Gastly won by 2 points
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User Info: Nidoprime

5 years ago#2
Team Hitmon!
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User Info: Brandon042487

5 years ago#3
Bert and Ernie FTW
Alabama University, 9-1
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User Info: ZombieAkane

5 years ago#4
Gen1 for life.
"If I facepalm as hard as I wanted to it would be a mortal kombat fatality" - knightimex

User Info: TehTrumpCard

5 years ago#5
I don't like either set of mons so I won't vote in case I potentially give either side the advantage.
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User Info: CharizardFire

5 years ago#6
Definitely the Hitmons.
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User Info: Haxdreigon

5 years ago#7
Easy peasy. The Hitmons of course.
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User Info: SilverSock

5 years ago#8
Easily the HItmons. Sawk and Throh are...well I won't get into it, but they're just not my taste at all.
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User Info: KeeperOfShadows

5 years ago#9

While they're a bit too humanoid in my opinion, I find them cooler looking than the Hitmons.
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User Info: King-gamer

5 years ago#10
Hitmons are better in terms of design.

But I think Sawk and Throh are better in terms of uses. Sawk gets Sturdy and can't be OHKO'd like Lee. Throh is way bulkier than Chan.
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