When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?

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  3. When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?

User Info: MeLikeyPie

4 years ago#101
Bisharp because well it's slightly complicated. I've been playing Devil Survivor 2 and there's a move called assassinate which when executed, creates a slashing movement on the opposing enemy. Bisharp seems like he'd be able to create such a motion. So yeah. Whoop.
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User Info: Tails 64

Tails 64
4 years ago#102
Hitmonlee for me. I guess because it's a fighting type.
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User Info: Platinum_Luigi

4 years ago#103

User Info: Dboss107

4 years ago#104
I am the KING of KINGS

User Info: slmcknett

4 years ago#105
I though of Axel.

Do I win?
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User Info: Cyrus_Saren

4 years ago#106
Gamertag - Cyrus Darkwind
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User Info: Captain_Sexy_T

4 years ago#107
KulaXDiamond posted...

But I only know the pokemon from Emerald and prior.
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User Info: yoshirpg

4 years ago#108
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User Info: Koite

4 years ago#109
Pokemon Black FC: Kitsuyo - 4771 1869 8809
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User Info: GalladetheGreat

4 years ago#110
Stunfisk, because "assassin" starts with "ass".
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  3. When you see the word 'assassin', which Pokemon do you think of first?

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